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The underwear sex you like it pray pray internet pool pre internet praveen evitable for playboy porn madonna maybe maybe madonna kate moss yeah definitely malls getting somewhere priscilla presley come on she's not on anyone's fuck on equated the desert so i guess different direction no priscilla presley princess diana oh no and if even if i had i would just tell you know but also claudia schiffer might be called shiva putting together i'm just writing notes under you you got got got save it on the table and just writing nights psychological profile stephanie seymour now sharon stunning maybe maybe shown stein or maybe with sharon stein on my show head the thomas who is that i'm going to say no just because i don't know who she is chrissy telling ten might be and vanessa williams nah i don't venice williams all right so i think we've constructed a fairly accurate view you'll do one you're not watching any tv say any movies you're wearing your theater sports pants and you may be have a poster of claudia schiffer or kate moss on your wall yeah so the year is nineteen ninetyone boys to men or ruling the chats the end of the road this is ninety ninety one which was mine in probably oh final year of school there was an inter school comp at saint pat's whole inside sending familiar checks out economy my last year at school because we buy the moldable but it's got to be year eleven at school but so ninety one might not be the right year i'm a bit skeptical about the idea that it was non ninetyone martaban your team formerly over the top will now known as not no idea monolithic epicure in ism monolithic epicurious him yeah is that what does that mean i have no idea what's is formerly over the top he's what i'm gonna i'm gonna look it up now monolithic if you curium ism yes i the first thing i'm going to tell you is that i have absolutely absolutely no memory of this so i remember playing anytime you go to over the top mike how's got i what is epic just lost it was the he we get so epicure ian is mentioned school of philosophy founded in athens by epicurious the school rejected determine is an advance and advocated hedonism so we were about hedonism side moral lizzy so i guess it was meant to be about the juxtaposition of two competing ideas you can't hear this right now but i'm shaking my head you little too precocious little ted's so the first thing i'm gonna say is on to say saying i remember over the top i remember us competing his over the top but this is why the year of this has been bothering me because i assume that i'm about to learn about another time in my life that i have absolutely no memory all of which is the after over the tall where the two guys who are in the old year have moved on so the would be nineteen ninetyone on aminu twelve but apparently we formed and now the seat of sports team we've some other people and what i'm going to tell you i tell the is i have absolutely no memory of this happening and the now on only of until this point i was like oh yeah someone else's perspective on that story very told on the us but you are literally about to raid me something that all i probably i'm going to be learning about the same time as the audience is learning about which is both exciting and terrify all right let's dive back in showy your team formally over the top now monolithic epicure ism and i had fondly risen through the ranks of of shitty catholic college teams from the previous sees to captain our representative squads does that ring true you're captain on main show one and you guys were the champions debate after after an evening of games the field had been eliminated down to you guys and us your team played i bring the house down with a freaking tight three minutes and scoring high with the judges requiring us to play a stella game so in the spirit of albright conduct sport movies all music films eight mile whatever it's a big showdown at the end you'll the cobra kai this dude is scrappy skopje little daniel son just trying to just trying to compete with the big boys these mother this motherfucker is the.

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