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Oh gosh one probably probably yeah i think traveling a good like i never traveled before so going to nice cities and like going out to eat i love doing that that's probably my favorite part you don't get that in the american league you don't get too many nice city so you got to you got to enjoy it i guess all we have another lie on or hand listeners and pay so the question foils gimme your defense when the play against the edina and your line up against just say shit oh man or the hardly remember taking kid i've ever taken nhl well artists player i think to play against this probably probably carlson not obviously i mean his offensive skill is crazy like you gotta be aware acai all over the ice i feel like i don't get i don't get crushed too often like i get i get hit a lot but i i'm kinda sneak my way out of the water little your little water bug nobody can nobody can catch no it's not that i think i just i don't take the don't take the biggest i think myers and when he was playing in winnipeg he sprained my ac join he hit me pretty good that might have been the base hit i took school back to castle for a second about the that salad on his head is that a is that a chef salad or club sal with us phil got going on.

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