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Know. I don't know. It's not something that's just the home. It's not something that I put in my G wiz because I have a G wiz. Bad too. You can't put everything in the job. Oh, he's gotta Gruntal of things honesty with that's right. I'm the big room off the Jews, Cornick a cornucopia. Steve Winwood didn't die. He's fine. Just fine. No, the guy who gave him his start. Died, although Steve Winwood arguably would have been just fine. On his own. He somebody would have somebody else would have heard that voice somewhere. Another group. Hey, you know, it's it's just weird because he has that Really mature kind of soul sound in his voice, and he's 15. How does that happen? It's just Or or a gift from God carry you? You know, I prefer to look at this. The I keep my head in the stars. Was a gift from God that you probably don't believe scientists. Either. You do your own research. All right? Why don't you do your own research as to how he got his voice? Oh, hear both sides you go. Do you get off my list? You're closed minded. You need to listen to both both sides. You need to look at independent information. Oh, you know, let's see Just because these so called journalists or mainstream media tell you, Steve Winwood's voice was a gift from God Look up the history. History. Just going down. My list was fine Now I'm getting taxis. Everybody's fine. Except for Spencer Day. Well, this is not not good back up here. We don't know that Steve Winwood is fine. But we do know that Spencer Davis is dead. Yes, Steve Winwood could be ill. We we're not sure, but he's he's not dead. He was while Steve Winwood was asked for a comment on Spencer Davis yesterday, and he made one so he was at least able to do that. Gina Well enough to comment on the death of a friend. Okay, Gina, you've you've you've done that. What did he say? With so fine. I'm just fine. That was the first thing he said he's dead. He said. In a statement posted on his website, I'm strolling and going and going How will have that for you? It was an early pioneer of the British folk scene in which case he embraced blues and folk. And that's what they called rhythm and blues. Influence my tastes in music. It's a whole article about it. It's a loving tribute. Yes. To all the men with the vision, one of the pioneers of the British invasion of America in the sixties, although it does say here in this obituary for Spencer Davis that Steve Winwood Abruptly. Left the band. To form his own band that would sit seemed to me to suggest that There were some tensions. Were you going left holding back and then you didn't even close the door. Mom, Where did your brother go? Okay, Well, hi. How's it going? Everything good. You know? Yeah. Sure, sure. Yeah, I mean, why not? It could be worse. No, not much. Not so sure it could. Things have gotten things have gone really nutty there. There is a feeling that Donald Trump Has conceded the election, he's essentially said As he walked out of the 60 minutes interview. Yeah, we'll talk. You've got enough and then he's going around the country trashing poor, frail little Lesley Stahl. From 60 minutes, so And then he went to Yuri, Pennsylvania and said I don't need I didn't need to be here. You know, it's called higher. Why I wasn't and I wasn't going to come. Yeah. I mean, why would I? I just call you and say, Irie, Why don't you get out the vote? Why would I come now? Imagine any other politicians saying any other politician? The city of Ariel would be up in arms, right? How dare he? I think I think people are becoming even his He's saying things like it's going to be pretty boring. When I don't win the election politics is going to be pretty more ready for that We will all in for boring politics. So if he's either saying, I know I'm not gonna win, or he's saying please vote for me so that things don't get boring. Not you know what I could do for the country or Way want to. Ah, we'd rather watch the water skiing squirrel than to have to pay attention to Politics. We'd much rather I'd much rather be talking about anything. But here we are. All right, let's let's get this over with. And we.

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