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Forfeited funds toward restitution for his victims after serving his sentence for mail fraud and visa fraud he faces deportation steve klamkin wpro new robins police are holding a crash the man on the case that saw his wife arrested last month forty six year old miguel garcia released after being charged police alleged thirty six year old rosemary garcia who had been a police department clerk copied incident reports and got them to a chiropractor looking for new patients cleanup continuing after a military transport plane crashes in rural mississippi last night at least sixteen p people dead sierra crawford reports mississippi governor phil brian is asking for prayers have the kc one thirty spiral to the ground lafourcade county about a hundred miles north of jackson details are scarce but emergency meaningfully director fred rain confirms there are no survivors it's not clear what the plane originated from aware was going to wpro sports major league baseball's allstar game is tonight it's taking place in miami traffic accu weather and more the matt allen show with bend the cash row filling in just ahead of new stein tool three where can you find a restaurant with great hunt style cooking the city exact an an a great value fans west so i wrote employer leg by lent's coming through santa's in france fast to fix 95 thursday through sunday insight delays of dinners that sounds like a prime rib dinner with complementary silent by where can you over this kind of great meal with a salad by starting at just eleven 95 sandengue sendai's chadha family style taken a pat rose dinner sand and twenty two twenty seven west ciller well at work if you've gotta paving grading your excavation project starred with kcc brothers anthony in frank will be there today to give you your free estimate on your project yes i said today cassese brothers you've seen their trucks all over the place check them out assisi brothers dot com on anthony because he she call us today at eight six one.

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