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Evicted and the next two months, Congress has allocated more than $46 billion to help people pay their rent. But they worry it's not enough. CBS is Janet. She million reports that in some states of fraction of the money allocated to help renters has been given out this week, Diane Mental of the National Low Income Housing Coalition offered Congress a startling fact. In some places it's not getting out at all, and it will not reach all the renters who needed to stay stable E housed in time, Nearly half the states in the country have used less than 5% of their federal relief money. As of June, Florida, South Carolina and New York had given out less than 1% When it comes to infrastructure. Former President Donald Trump says there will be lots of primaries. For Republican lawmakers cooperating with Democrats to get it passed. Trump's statement was released after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced ahead of the procedural vote in the Senate on Wednesday that he would vote to advance the infrastructure measure. 17 Republicans, including McConnell, joined all 50 Democrats to advance the bipartisan legislation in a major test for the bill. The vote came hours after a group of 10, Republican and Democratic negotiators announced they struck a deal with the White House for $550 billion in new spending $30 billion less than was In a prior agreement, the former president Warren don't do it. Republicans Patriots will never forget, he wrote. If this deal happens, lots of primaries will be coming your way. Texas lawmakers testified before Congress after fleeing their state to block a voting bill pushed by the GOP. Speaking before the House civil rights subcommittee, Texas Democrat Sinfonia Thompson explained why she chose to leave. You're damn right. I left Texas and I'm glad I did. And you know why, Pete, I left him. I left Texas to give my people are right to be able to vote without them being infringed upon Texas Republican Travis Clark. He says he believes this conversation is best suited for the statehouse floor rather than a D C committee room. Meanwhile, Democrat Jamie Raskin of Maryland says it's opt to Congress to listen to the cries for help that are coming from Texas and other states. The Texas Department of State Health Services reporting more than 10,000 new cases of covid throughout the Lone Star State in a single day. It was yesterday, and that is the highest since February. The number of hospitalizations is rising in Texas as well. Reporter majority in Houston reports Covid 19 Patients are now filling up the beds at the Texas Medical Center, where hospitals are now reporting their ICUs are 100% full. The numbers show a frightening prediction that's now coming true. TMC Hospitals report that Covid 19 patient admissions are growing at an average of almost 10% per day. Now yesterday, TMC hospitals admitted 187 new Covid 19 patients last month. The Average was only 48 per day. The latest surge, prompting health officials to expand vaccination outreach. Let's update the situation on Cape Cod. Over the past 24 hours, there were nearly 50 new cases. This is linked with a growing exploding Provincetown cluster of covid. It brings the total number of cases in that community to 882. Town manager Alex Moore says today's update is the smallest daily increased since they began recording the cluster. 501 of the cases are Massachusetts residents as a whole 210 live in Provincetown. The rest of the cases are from people tourists from out of state. Maths are now required in Provincetown to help the spread the cluster connected with the fourth of July. National parks in New England and all across the nation are experiencing a boom, James Rojas says. The increase, though, is taking its toll on the environment from long lines to get into the parking lot to long lines on the trail. An increase in the number.

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