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Leader. All right. It is Saturday afternoon. We've got baseball coming up the Giants and the Padres carry Crowley. How are you? I'm doing well, Marty looking forward to get pitching matchup this evening. Blake Snell, Anthony DeSclafani. Really excited about this series in general, I think the month of May is gonna be a lot of fun, Marty. Well, the Giants have put out their minor league rosters. Any shocking things about you bring us up to date a little bit on that. I don't think that there's anything that necessarily shocks me. But I will say this. I am going to make a point to make it down to San Jose in the month of May and watch this loaded low a San Jose Giants team, Joe Rich, so we gotta get him on the show next weekend because this club His staff number one overall prospect Marco Luciano, you've got five of the top 10 prospects in the organization. Louise Mottoes, least two radio Kyle Harrison, Alex Canario, all playing in San Jose. And look, I think that Farhaan and Scott are gonna be very aggressive with their promotions that the minor league levels this year, So AH, lot of those guys could be upto Hyena and Eugene early in the season. So what I would recommend a Bay Area baseball fans is make plans now to go see the San Jose Giants in the month of May because you do not know how long Guys like Luciano and mottoes are gonna be at that level Bill. You know, Carrie, You're absolutely right. When you look at all these rosters from Triple A Double eight, Richmond's loaded Triple A in Sacramento is gonna have a great pitching line. There's just kind of its electric at every level and, you know, years back, you didn't have that excitement and with far on moving in here and doing what he's done to rebuild the minor leagues. This is just so good for the out club. The outlook for this team and you can throw in all those names up in San Jose, and I'm like my God, that's low a ball, you know, and And you start shaking your head with that, But I'm right with you. San Jose's on my target as well, A Sacramento I think both these teams they're so close. Giant fans need to go and support both these teams and what I would tell you, Bill Real quick is yes. Farhaan and Scott have done a really good job of of loading this minor league system and adding depth. But you go through the top 10 prospects and this organization and most of them were acquired under Bobby Evans and I had a chance to talk to Bobby Evans earlier this week, he was out at his nephews, gradual. Nation from Mississippi State. He took the timeto he was out, actually checking out the baseball field. We spoke for 15 minutes about, you know, Signing Marco Luciano is a 16 year old drafting Elliot Ramos. Ah High school prospect after the Giants didn't have a first round draft pick in 2016 and the risks that came with that picking Joey Barton 2018 and a draft full of promising college players, and so I think that it's really important to remember that well, Farhaan has turned things around at the major league level. Ah, lot of those San Jose guys, Marty, those air Bobby Evans and Bright And Saving and John Barr era draft picks and sign ease, and the Giants would not be in this position right now, if not for the strong work that happened in 2017 and 2018 with those two No, absolutely because you know in baseball's Keith Law said. It takes a while for someone to get to the big leagues and make a name for themselves. So we got to go backwards three of four years, and that puts us into the Bobby Evans Brian Savion category. You know, it's interesting to me. Eyes that they're putting players in leagues that maybe the players could be too good for those league on and that they you know, we'll put up good stats. And then maybe they'll move along. But let me tell you something. Branch Rickey. Probably the smartest man ever in baseball used to do that with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He used to have a farm system of 600 people, because in those days you had 20 farm clubs. And he would put players in the minor leagues and they would be fabulous if different levels and he used it as currency to make deals. Now, I'm not saying that the Giants are going to do all that because they need some of these players to make it. At some point, But if you keep putting players and levels that they're too good for and all of a sudden wow, Shawn Jelly 17 and three enrichment this guy must be fabulous. And next thing you know. Ah kun used here for Shawn Jelly. So, um, it's an interesting way to do it. Yeah, I I don't think Ronald Junior Junior is gonna be playing for the San Francisco Giants later on this season, Marty. Even if the Braves problems persist this year, you may make a great Ellie. You know that they could they could, and a lot of teams could use jelly. The Giants have that double a rotation bill that's got my eye with Jelly and Sam Long, who caught everyone's attention during spring training with the fastball up to 95. The hammer curveball map. Frisbee, a top prospect Tristen back the Stanford guy who Came over in the Markham a lance and deal Jose Aguas steal his. He's got a really fun year ahead of him at Double A. Richman and Marty. I'm looking forward. I think next week and we'll have a Richmond broadcaster come on and talk about that team. So there is a lot to like in this farm system Billet and I would just say this..

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