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Slow into the harbour tunnel the other way as well supposed ways are still struggling i'm jay walker wbal newsradio 1090 wbaltv 11 weather captors approach fifty this afternoon you could still see a spotty shower today think case tonight low forty four then partly cloudy for the next few days and unusually warm high seventy one tuesday to mid70s on wednesday because he more rain returned to the end of the week i'm meteorologist savory on wbal newsradio 1090 throw love of tv a few clouds around baltimore that's keeping temperatures down for the time being to the low forty mostly around the area forty two now here on tv hill under cloudy skies at one seven i'm bill vanko on wbal newsradio 1090 as the gun debate rages rages on in america this report today from the usa today based on fbi statistics that baltimore is in fact what they call the most dangerous city in america face on larger domiciled rate of last year really isn't close when you look at the percapita numbers it's a statistical route in many ways and it's so interesting to me and i understand the reaction to every match shooting and certainly in a school it's stunning and shocking and it's unacceptable that's where we all right now in our society we talked a lot about this last week but as the murderers go on in cities like baltimore on the country and the lack of a national debate or even an onus or even any comment every on every sunday shown every day and every week on those mortars as those buys piling up far outweigh the mass shootings that we see that have been more sporadically again sickening horrifying every time it happens but three hundred forty three murders in baltimore last year a per capita rate of over fifty five edgy look to the fifty largest cities in the.

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