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On Monday, Bulls rookie Daniel Gaffer joined the chorus of those with complaints about boiling. While he said he wouldn't go as far as to hate on him. Gaffer's comments made it clear that he hasn't been thrilled with the experience of playing for boiling. He said. Quote. I'm going to answer this question. I'm not going to read it out. As a matter of fact, I will read it out. Do you like Jim Boylan? This is what someone He asks him so they must be getting questions. All right. It's like arts, which there's a live chat when he's exists on towards so he's questioning. So people know what he's answer here. Technique is where the quote starts. This is from Gafford. Hey, I don't like him a lot, but he okay? Got some things he can work on. Got some things he could get better at as a person as a coach. I'm not going to hate on him. I'm not going to hate the man. Close quote, all right. He's not going to hate the man, but I got some things. He's gotta work on defense there. He's not defending boil in anywhere there. There's no defending boy. I'm not going to hate on him, but he's gotta work on himself as a coach and as a man. That's not zero compliments in there. I wouldn't say that's exactly Daniel Gifford. Anyway, I'm walking back to comments like I got some things to work on. I mean, that's classic. Like I'm not going to say he socks place. Yes, yes, That's basically Daniel gaffer being like, Look, I don't really want to hate on the guy too much, but he kind of saw It's a rookie. A young man who wouldn't be pumped Saunderson way. Thought it was just a coaching thing. Wait. What? What? What do you mean? I don't know. There's better as a person or something. There's something off there. I'm telling you, they're just is the The constant, you know again, what I would say when a coach can do nothing but talk about playing hard. The coach really has nothing. I'm sorry I write right now. Next year. Jim Boylan coaching the first game for the Chicago Bulls, your co Yes, I'm gonna say no. I'm gonna say yes. There's no way we're even though we need who's gonna break the tie for us. Waddling here real quick. I don't think there's anybody could break Ty. That's where we're at a stalemate. We're at a total stalemate. I just I gotta I've got to think it was a point. I think carnations like man I need to know. I don't think he's thinking that. What point does that happened? He might. What? Hell, wow. If they're forcing boiling on and then Yeah, Okay, that's different. I I don't I don't I've got no inside knowledge, guys. I really don't. I guess maybe it's just that I want to believe. That you're giving your people autonomy that you're making these changes that you're expanding this front office that you're You're making what most people think are good hires. That you're not going to tell A completely new group who you want to bring a new way of thinking your front office. Oh, but by the way, you still have to keep the coach I just find it hard to believe. And perhaps I'm being naive here and baring my head in the sand. I don't really know It's what I just like. I'd be surprised, always been the theory that they can hire the guy they want, because he's currently coaching somewhere else, right? She's an assistant. Yeah, I would say that's that's a bit of a working theory is the reason you don't have to make a move. This exact moment is because because they want Sixers the guys that they will interview or the guys that they want for the team with the Raptor that those those are the individuals who are part of the global break the Tyrell quick. Ah, your co and laugh. I mean your co in Ash and the question. Don't tell him whose where, Okay, all right away. You can't be biased, so we got two into will boil and be coaching. The Bulls won Game one. Next year. Okay? Game on next year. Alright. So you're with blackened may? Come on. You can't do that, right? I wouldn't think so. I'm working in your co think. Yeah, me and Black said No. You broke the time. I think they made the change. Because listen, I think everybody is motivated by money. They saw empty seats and the revenues the cash register stopped ringing. I think if you make the change in front ofthis, but you keep this coach people are going to boycott going to the games in much the way they would have had you not made change because I don't think people feel changes. John does not play makeover. Nobody's here. Call that the Koven pass. Like what if the Bears go six and 10 this year, I'm going to get hired them a covert paddle covert passed with you. I'm just saying, I bet you there's a lot of Kobe pass is actually a covert pass in Colorado. Yes, you're going over the continental past the Loveland pass in the cove. It passed right. We'll talk about Daniel Gaffer's comments during cross topped with you. I'm sure so he got a kick out of those appreciate that learned opinion box that you gave us their Here's Anthony Rizzo, Anthony Rizzo earlier today back for another season talking Cubs in MLB with David Kaplan. Here's Rizzo. This is a lengthy answer. Listen to Rizzo talk about his decision to play this season. I think of the end of it all. We We've talked to my oncologist back home, talked with the Cubs, doctors and You know, this virus is is very serious. You look at all the hay honesty really don't even know what to look at nowadays, but Some of you look at is, you know our age group and being in good shape. You have a really mean Really, really low chance of getting it and being fatal. Now. So when it's just the way I kind of live, I don't really Ever live in fear. This is definitely really I have it right now. And I have no idea, you know, so But I think that the risk reward of just being out little play baseball and doing what I love is And getting back to normal is much more than just staying at home and hiding in my in a cave. Anthony. It seems like and again, it could change as you said Dave I day, but knock on wood. The Cubs have had zero positive test for Tier one employee since The return to play started. Tommy Hottovy spoke emotionally eloquently about what he dealt with before all of that. But it seems as though your team veteran laden has taken this exceptionally seriously about staying out of stores and not going To different places, and it's baseball. Baseball baseball. Can you let us in on the leadership aspect, either you or Jon Lester David? Anybody provided to get you guys all as focused as you appear to us? Um Well, I think it's a credit Tio. Guy's not run the mark and everything opening up even before and especially Gosh, down in Florida. I got out of there at the right time. And just not, you know, it's it's the bigger crowds. That kind of Ah Seems like it's spread a lot more so far is being smart here. It's pretty easy with all the options of takeout, and if I do go out, they notice it on a patio and Have dinner there and try to keep it as tight as you possibly can. Mom because You know someone gets this How fast could spread is that's the really scary part. I know. No one wants the No, I think most of those guys are Not really comfortable if we personally got it, but it's the fact spread it to someone and then spreading it to their family members and things like that is a scary part. So you gotta respect to each other that we we keep everything as tight as possible. And And abide by These protocols because.

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