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And free shrine and centerfold, which are their big heads to me, don't represent what the Jay galls ban woods at all. They were a hard driving blues band. And funk and soul. We're centerfold is like a pop song. But it went to number one. And then what do they do after all these years of a slogging it out and torn around the country break up soon as they get your big heads. They break up at always I never quite got that groundbreaking began on Camden Yards on this date in nineteen ninety. Here we go. I also love these stories to a guy in Wales, but the name of Steve Briers. Recited the entire lyrics of a night Diop Burt as to Queen record with bohemian rhapsody on it and love of my life. It's their China moment backwards. Now, you had to be taught that I mean, he had to teach himself that another words if you bumped into St. Briars in a bar if you wanted to he could recite delirious. Of Diop over backwards. What possesses people he could do in nine minutes? Carl Wilson died on his date and nine hundred ninety eight and Dan Hicks and his hot licks. I was a big big Dan Hicks fan. Died on this date in two thousand. Sixteen and I make good. Yeah. I'm good..

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