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That i we could say saddam hussein but he's dead they turned him over to the tender mercies of moqtada i'll sawdon well it's it's it's interesting it's interesting you know your position on it i i've deal of the other question i would have is i know sle dyno's will not that this will not play well with a lot of my audience true true true as it may be is there some good reading that you know of the by this kind of an old question but are there some good books on the history of this that people could go and do their own research on well i am certainly not the world's best expert on all of that i actually can't stay in his shoe as much as i as much as you know i'm compelled to be interested in it i i have not a dove into it nearly as deep as i should have but okay i'll tell you what was the best book that i've read in a long time on this is goliath by max blumenthal and that is sydney blumenthal son yes and he's a liberal but he was raise while he's sydney blumenthal son who was raised a centrist democrat zionist and then he come to find out what's really going on over there and decided this is absolutely not okay and the american people have got to understand what's really going on here you know i got to say jason here's my thing about this i was never educated about israel palestine and in all of my interest in politics and even in foreign policy in my even into my late 20s probably i put off learning about israel palestine until last really it was apply is iraq war that really finally brought at all to the center of my attention and the idea basically was i didn't want to learn about it because it's all just.

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