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Yeah. Thank most people feel that way. You're gonna have to help your kids. Right. You're gonna have to help your kids around the world. This kind of thing is normal, right. In many cultures around the globe. It is very normal for your kids to stay there for for much longer, partly because it's just it's a cultural thing because not only you helping yourself. You're also helping her family taking care, you know, grandma, and grandpa, and mom and dad, it's a much different thing. Here. We've got a different thing. We're going to get out there. Get out there in the world. Get living doing are things. But it is tougher because we have these kids who are coming out of school as young adult saddled with massive amounts of debt to start their life off now and who's faults that because we told that we've sold them this Bill of goods, this is the only way to success, which you and I both know is not true. There are other ways to get there. You can do it. You could piecemeal together and pay as you go. You can do a lot of different things when it comes to college. But we've sold all of these these these kids. Hey, if it's gotta be school or nothing. Otherwise, you're gonna come out, and you just going to be just now coming out, and you're already standing in a situation where you're further behind then when you went in even though you've got an education for what that's worth in this day and age three three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. You could tweet at us. It is. Day in a message marking today as Earth Day. President Trump focuses on economic prosperity writing quote, environmental protection and economic prosperity go hand in hand, the president adds that a strong market economy is essential to quote, protecting critical natural resources and fostering a legacy of conservation. President Trump has long questioned the science of climate change. And he makes no mention of the topic. In his statement. He says major criticism from environmental activists for rolling back environmental protection policies. He's a lot of people have been on Trump in the way that he's handled things. Look a lot of regulations that he's eliminated are over-regulation. You know, that I know that there's a lot of stuff out there that we need to take better care. And this is the conversation. I always like to have with people's like, how do we take better care of the environment without destroying our economy and at the same time holding other countries accountable, but we got out of the Paris climate accord's who's in China. India's air everybody's anybody's in there. But what are they doing? Because it's not what you think China is stopping you think emerging countries in Africa is a perfect example where countries are emerging. They're struggling they're going from a third world country trying to become an industrial nation that is building their economy. You think they're quitting and saying what we gotta do this for for the betterment of humankind. No, they're like, we gotta grow our economy to feed our people. So we can become a nation that is self sustaining. We wanna grow out of what we because we're living in many of these countries they're so far behind but they're emerging India. Perfect example, no matter what we do. We decide today. Hey, you know, what would get rid of everything the birds fossil fuels? We're getting rid of everything we're going back to candles, and and and everybody's got walk. And this is the way it's gonna be from now on we're gonna just cut everything China and India are still going to do what they do to the point where. It wouldn't matter. What we did. It would so to destroy our economy, which is what some of this even the green new deal. That's insane. There's better ways of going about doing it. And I think we need to use technology hand in hand. With the environmental movement to make it better for all of us in our planet and be make it fiscally responsible. So we can continue to grow our economy and use the technology to become greener and cleaner that simple. It's not a hard thing. It's not it's not a it's not a if for this or that if or no, no, it's let's let's figure this out. But most people it's got to be one or the other. And that's just silly. It really is. And here's the other thing if you care about people who are economically disadvantaged, when you talk about a lot of these things understand that for the elites for the upper middle class and the wealthy. These things are not big deal. Sounds great. But for the paycheck to paycheck struggling person. This kind of move is more expensive for them day to day. It's a green tax in a way that they feel it. So how do we do it? That's just how do we do? It sounds great. We all want a better cleaner environment. And I think there's a way we're cooler calmer heads come together and instead of screaming at each other and damning one side or the other. We say how do we do this together? How do we make it profitable? And make it a part of something that really works for everybody as opposed to your bad evil person, you hate bunny, rabbits, and ducks. And then get us anywhere. It doesn't. It doesn't. There's a better way. We can find it. Three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. You could tweet at us. Put you at a buck slot. Butch iota box lot. The like Mason butcher box had some Bush had tackles last Easter tackles last night. I'll tell you that right now grass-fed grasp finished beef. Absolutely amazing. Really is you've got the best before they got all kinds of different cuts. And as we here it is summertime approaching where the situation Memorial Day. You could see it fourth of July the best thing. 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