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Tom water. Mayor Pete commit says he continues to be hopeful about the future of the former site which closed back in two thousand three but it's been more than three years since it was purchased. And nothing's happened there except for a lot of vandalism overgrown vegetation at big fire back in October at the office complex, just down the road windows smashed. The interior of the buildings trashed graffiti, this is just sort of the combination of all that activity command. And the mayors of Thurston county's other big cities talked about the property and what to do to spur the developer into action during the state of the community address. Yesterday. The Olympia and reports that developer paid four million dollars for that property in December two thousand fifteen but has since done nothing perhaps sanctions topping thirty two thousand dollars as of tomorrow will be motivation. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news coastal community in Newport, Oregon is mourning the loss of three fishermen whose crabbing boat overturned Tuesday near you Quinn. Obey. Komo's Eric Heintz has more. Newport residents like Tia Brown say even if you aren't a fisherman you're related to one or interact with them on a daily basis. I wasn't close with any of them. But I feel like I lost a member of my family lost regimes lacy Stephen Brunelleschi. And Josh porter. Gary ripka as a captain of a fishing boat. Porter was a friend of his and says this was not the first time in his thirty. Nine years of fishing. The bay took someone he knew I've seen some very seasoned guys lose their lives. It doesn't get easier. When you get older doing dangerous as just as risky, and it doesn't change a local nonprofit, representing the fishing community is accepting donations on behalf of the family. Eric Heintz, KOMO news. And coming up next on the KOMO morning news. We'll check traffic and weather, and we have a winner in our daily news trivia contests. First dog droppings and a DNA test or at the center of a case that could test the rights of landlords to find their tenants. It's happening in Tacoma. And we get more from komo's Corwin Hake. This all started with the manager of the Annabi apartments in Tacoma found a small pile of dog poop in the hallway and blamed Angela pose little poodle. This is smokey smokey is thirteen years old. He's blind. And it turns out he's guilty. No question about it. Thanks to DNA evidence. The landlord already had a sample of smokey's DNA Angela's neighbor. Jessica tells the news Tribune. It was gathered shortly after Angela moved in a service, the landlord said DNA swab issues to maybe protect the dog. If something happened to the dog dot got lost. They would be able to track the dog. But when the mystery poop turned up, the landlord paid for a DNA test to link it to smokey and then slapped Angela with a Bill for the test two hundred dollars. So I helped to Angie write a letter and sent it to the owner saying, look, I'm not paying it. There's nothing in the Lisa says I have to pay even if it is in the lease and attorney with the Tacoma Pierce county housing Justice project tells the news Tribune, a judge could rule such a requirement unreasonable under the state's residential landlord tenant act, although the fee may be invalid Angela has decided not to testify in court. Instead, she'll pay the two hundred bucks in thirty three dollar installments and make sure from now on smokey does his business outside Corwin Hake. Komo news warnings..

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