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Out. He didn't know but there is a superstition. Felt like use the bathroom. He was gonna break is not in the fourth inning. This guy's going. I got no hitter. Go they start count. And that was the thing i ask chainsaw. Obviously that you know you heard bach crawl all over him mentioning it the announcers when they allowed to say there's a no hitter going on. I don't even know if mark and don said anything other than you know what is right but espn will send out a worldwide blast warning everyone. There's no hitter going on. You know how it works for. They do silly. I know but they do it. Yeah you heard what he almost punched cooking in the head saying. Don't say oh pay. Espn the recognized leader were later in. Sports sends out a blast when it gets up to like six seven. How's that okay. Seems like i remember them doing that a long time ago and they got a lot of heat for it but maybe now because they're a national platform accepted. They send out this blast. They do sounds like mark and don or shillo or holding form if he peed his pants where they kicked him out of the game series let's Was that a rhetorical. Et six and forty eight seconds one five. Kgb fm sports network. oh we'll minds boyer recognize the bit coming to a logical conclusion and he wanted to do everything he could to stop the a race car drivers in la justice. Their pants assess. What are you gonna do. You have to stop racing. No you got a hammer that throttle down and just let her and then they stop for a pits. They grow five gallons of fresh water in the driver's laugh. They flush the driver but he keeps raising baby. Why couldn't this guy you know. Did you hear what he said. He said he didn't want to go to the bathroom right. You know want to break the have a little bit of a personal moment all right. Well thank you. This.

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