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So the focus of the anc rinse efforts at that point rescue missions for yachts aside was continued experimentation and development of the trapeze system they really wanted to primarily just drilled the pilots so that they would be extremely good at this uh in the man in charge of these ongoing trap he's experiments as appointed by rear admiral moffitt was commander alger herman dress oil and other address those leadership the akron continue to advance its trap he's work eventually achieving the ability to manage a full load of curtis f nine c2 to sparrowhawks on august twenty second 1932 there was a new problem though due to a timing accident in the relay of orders because the command was given to early the dirigibles finn hit a beam in the hangar as it was being taken off its moorings this put a stop to the trap he's training that had been underway while the finn had to be repaired but the last quarter of 1932 still yielded eight successful flights for the akron so that a little accident had happened in august and they were able to repair it pretty quickly training continued for the trap he system as well as training for the gun and lookout cruz and they also worked with a formation scouting set up to test that were two planes flanked the akram as they perform search exercises and early nineteen thirty three the akron had a leadership change commander dreadful was moved to the akron sister ship the uss make in his replacement was commander frank accord with personnel change took place on january third 19th 33 an almost immediately maccord was underway on a flight with his new command.

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