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And then came to between how your baseball and auburn pregame five thirty this afternoon the first pitch at six right here on the home of the saints and lsu w wwl weren't wwl forecast low to mid nineties again today with record highs again being challenged of rain chances are slightly higher today so around thirty percent for a few showers or thunderstorms that could influence the afternoon high rain chance to stay low for the weekend they'll and highs should stay in the low nineties both saturday and sunday right now it's partly sunny on both the north and south shores ninety degrees at the airport in kenner eightyseven and slidell i'm don aims w wwl first news and now look at wwl traffic from the wwl traffic center i'm patty burnham on the river bound expressway heading to the west bank were seeing no delays right now but on the west bank side approaching the east bank we've got a solid delays back to terry parkway doesn't open up until after you get through the lake bound expressway get close to the superdome eastbound i ten at elision fields we've got an accident in the left lane it's on the left shoulder and got a little bit of the left lane blocked but right now congestion is minimal traffic seems to be getting by without any trouble eastbound saint charles avenue that's the riverside of saint charles is closed between napoleon and louisiana to repair water leaks traffic's being determined to pretend you're street they're saying that's gonna last until three pm saint claude bridge is still closed and it's going to remain closed a little bit longer it's gonna not open up until the twenty third they need a couple more days to finish that could that repair work come in from the west the spillway from the plaza looks good patchy delays between williams and power and if you westbound on the i ten heading toward metairie and kenner we're seeing some patchy delays begin right after causeway that opened up after clearview.

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