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Masking tape like just you can buy the hardware store except that they have that tape like laser cut by a thing to make it exactly the right shape before they put it on. So that's it was fascinating to hear how like one very small step of the process for how to get a Rover ready to go to Mars works and and the people necessary to make that I'll happen. That is really cool. Is it going to launch in twenty twenty? Or is it going to get there in twenty twenty? It's gonna launch and twenty twenty or that is the plan at least feel it. When you name it, the Mars twenty twenty Rover, you're really committing to a time. Well, it will have a different name by the time it launches. It's like if you Lon musk called the tesla model, three tesla 2017. Yeah, in a problem. Yeah, that's that's they, they'll come up with some some fancier name like spirit opportunity curiosity by the time it launches, but they just that's the that's the sort of like working operating title right now. What's it? Good value along with curiosity opportunity that you could name it. Careful, careful. The Mars careful Rover. There's a rock. They're careful, jeez, don't drive it into the dirt. I want to want to create a Twitter that does nothing but respond to every single tweet written by every single person all day long, the word careful. That's a lot. Maybe rethink that. Just give it a thought. Sure you wanna share that careful pink. The news from EMC Wimbledon is terrible, unrelentingly terrible Wimbledon to Plymouth Argyle. Who are the worst team in league one, we also lost one nil to Bradford City who were one of the worst teams in league one. There's a lot of talk these days about change and whether change is necessary. Wimbledon, of course, if had the same manager Neal, Ardley a hero for the club played for the club when he was a boy. For now, I think six or seven years saw us rise up from league to to lead one helped us secure survival in league two in our first year when we almost went back down to non league football. So Neil Ardley has been an amazing manager for Wimbledon that said, the situation is pretty bleak. Right now not a lot of goals, not a lot of excitement, not a lot of optimism and Wimbledon are just outside of the relegation zone in twentieth place twenty first through twenty four th will be relegated to league tune the fourth tier of English football. So maybe there's a spot of hope in that, but it's not great. That's good. And you got a lot of of like season left, so as their stuff you can change now that can affect that. Yeah. The biggest thing that gets changed generally in these situations. Is the manager though, you know? So I think that's just a difficult. Here's the truth. It is really hard to run a football club effectively on a budget. Wimbledon has one of the lowest budgets in the football league. That's hard. It's always going to be hard. And I think to an extent with the current budget, there's a ceiling of how well Wimbledon can do, and in a way they're past that ceiling and so it's always going to be really hard in the third tier unless you know, I don't know. So I don't know. I, I feel very conflicted about it. I like Neal, Ardley allot, but I also understand how frustrated the fans are. Well, I, I don't know how to fix football teams, but I do know that you guys have got the passion and you're going to have your new home, and that's all going to be good for the long term of the club. The up. We just gotta. We gotta get to plough lane. Gotta get back to plumbing. Thank thank you for potting with me. It's always a pleasure I even when you're sick. Yeah, I'm sorry that I'm so raspy and, oh. Oh, preferred preferred, like having coffee breaks. Okay, good. Glad I could be there for you. This podcast is edited by nNcholas Jenkins incredibly hardworking. NNcholas Jenkins dealing not only with coffee breaks, but just with our shenanigans general, it's produced by Rosie on hosts, row house in shared Gibson head of community and communications. Victoria Buongiorno the music that you're listening to now and also beginning of the podcast is by the gonna Rolla thank you for listening. And as they say in our hometown to be awesome.

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