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All in bonds out of the ight, now your crash at ST Charles that was Locking the two right lanes is now blocking all lanes of traffic. This often happens when they're towing the vehicle out of the way. And so it shouldn't be too long. But if you're sitting in this, you're stuck. 83 to ST Charles. Unless you want to hop off and coming on Mannheim. If you're coming in from Mannheim on the agree can get on the eye passed it. You're clear up on side. He gots in gay pers here from the tristate to ST Charles 20 back too, man. I miss 40 back out to the 3 90. Eaten Scylla. Right? Kennedy out 15 and Montrose 32 aware about his 40 from O'Hare, 27 off the junction expressly still flowing about it. They're just 12 minutes. Stevenson out 25 to the tri state 35 veterans. Ulbricht's coming in Cicero to Pulaski 34 3 55 to the drive up Bundy in Ryan's 20 about his 28. About 57 starts to get heavy here 20 minutes, But no outbound delays in the story on the Bishop Ford about his 18 outbound is 15. Sexual drive. Gotta crash reported North Bonin. Monroe's Who, having from Balbo's up on tied up with some gay pers delays, they're nearing the scene south on Tri State have a crash on the shoulder at Sibley. 88 headed east You have Ah, earlier crash. This is Eddie old. Oh, you Ronald Reagan Till way out of the way Now that delay is almost gone. 80 is looking pretty good eastbound 80 94 filling in from granted 65 Extra Africa bore 1 18 News 37 80 In 15 point. We have sunshine in Chicagoland hot and humid today. The weekend. Much more comfortable temperatures just threat about 80 degrees for the high Saturday and Sunday. Today, though, we're in the nineties. Right now it's 92 at O'Hare along Chicago's lakefront. It's 89 degrees on the markets. The Dow up 93 NASDAQ is up 49 of the S and P up 11 points. Oil is flat today. Class is getting back to being underway at Notre Dame will tell you about that, and more news just 60 seconds away. It's 1 10, so the land of the free free of racism. We're joined the movement for change or flash until justice is high. It's Jamie. Progressive Number one number two employees leave a message at that. Hey, Jamie, it's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acapella group matte harmony, But you will bounce back. I mean, you're the.

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