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Show. On give you three hours. Radio. So does rush after us. So we thank you for being with us. We're going to get back to phone calls in just 808 590957 Chris read Wick is our producer. Dave Riggers handling your phone calls at our studio or rich Lisinski twists that absent dials. But Chris also in addition to lining up to guess for this show and keeping us on time while I tried to over talk, it is judges from time to time. We talked earlier this morning and I've got to Ah politicians for some of the year you said something right? I said it wrong. Remember, we're talking about number of teams in the Big 10. Yeah, I hope Jason's rolling on this because you said 14 and that's absolutely the right number. I totally I just remind them on the addition of Ah Of Rutgers to the to the conference and else my missing one of the other recent dead her relatively Maryland, Maryland, Maryland, Maryland, So there were those two that were added, and that's that brings it up to 14. Can you tell me The associate members of the Big 10 Sorry, is what that means. Just Ah, soc And now there are two schools that are associate members of the Big 10. What is no trading. Oh, sure. Okay. Yeah, the the other is Johns Hopkins University. But I really like Baltimore. Yes. So I did a member of the Big 10. Now What does here's another good one for you? You know the next remedy of Notre Dame, Of course, the fighting Irish. But what is the nickname for Johns Hopkins University? Yes. You'll never be asked this again. The rest of your life guaranteed. No. And and I know and I couldn't tell you. Here you go. You're ready, John. Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. So you'd think bird, right? Right, And then I could have copied the Orioles. So they are the Blue Jays, The Johns Hopkins University Blue Jays about that. Very cool. I didn't know. Yeah, the sports they play at men's and women's lacrosse, right? Yeah, them to say it's not real varied. Yeah, no, that's for sure. That in a full physical every six months, but, yeah, yeah, but the rate but thanks for everything again today I want to get to some of our dollars in here and put a lot of fun. Steven Warm blood. Able to get him again. I was just love hearing that man. Explain these these complicated matters so simply to us. I really do all the ones involving taxes and revenues and the like. It's It's not easy, but Stephen Moore does. I think a great job of getting it all together, so all right, let's see. Ah, I want to get back to the phones here. Let's go to Clawson, Rene Europe Next on the Frank Beckmann show. Thank you for waiting. Thank you for the final and pleasure to speak with you. Pleasure's all mine. Thank you, Rene. Hello one night alone out here. I'm sorry. I said I'm a fellow I've been Hi. Wow. Did you graduate from Osborne? See, Ali only went to sophomore year toe was born that our family moved out the warrant and I went to Cousineau. So I only got one year to Osborne. Did you graduate from Osborne? Yes, I did wonderful. Great places. You obviously lived in that area, right? I did. I lived in Detroit. What street? What street? Did you live in this time actually moved on right now. Oh, yeah. And I got special permission to go there from the school district, and the parents have always been a major in business music. Right? Well, that's that's good that they made sure you were able to pursue your passions that way. That's that's just great. And I'm really good people out of that school. Well, you bet your asses borns a wonderful school and it won didn't do They let it go into quite a bit of disrepair. But then there was work done on it. And You know, it's got redone as I can tell you. They get a lot of work done out there. Thanks to the generous people of Detroit and and suburbs who donated money to do it, And I just I'm so proud of them. Hey, thank you for name for the call. Appreciate it be well out there in Clawson, and now we're going to go into Detroit, D. J is next up on the show. Good morning, deejay. Good morning train. Good to have you on the show. Thank you. Sorry. I just want to say that the media is unfair to call the troublemakers at night. Demonstrators. Because Come on understanding The purpose of a demonstration is to be seen. And if you can demonstrate where will be demonstrated nightly nearby sleep. What D J. That's That's a great question. Number one and number two. How is it that these demonstrations turned into so many fires? No, that's you're not demonstrating anymore when you're set fire to the right. Yeah. These people are a tonight on that demonstrated their longest people. The lewdness of these markets. They're not demonstrative. Demonstrators wanna be seen? What? What do you think has to be done to change something like that? I think I would set a curfew. Wow. That's so that's interesting response right there. And how do you think? Let's just talk about our area because that's one that both of us know Well, clearly you're you're in royal oak right now. But ah Are in Detroit. I mean, and I grew up in Detroit. So we both know the city somewhat well, I would think. And I just wonder how whether you saw this coming whether you when you first noticed it. I mean, when one of this tension start rising up Oh, what a moment. Exactly The most recent tensions that you know, brought out antifa and black lives matter. I'm not talking about 68. We know what happened there. The cops overstepped their bounds, arresting somebody at a At a blind pig and that that began the whole the whole shebang. And it was awful, but we recovered from it. So you you, you know, back in the chemistry Demonstrations like one of King demonstrated he never demonstrated that night. It was always doing what he could be saying, right? That's a great point. Absolutely great point. So the only way you're going to be seen at night? It's what you've got to create some light, right? And so they got one of these things. That's why they're doing it, mate. That's right. Thieves. Even things include that night visited there that night because you don't want to be seen. TJ. I'm so glad you called. And and got your opinion out over the year to all of our listeners. Okay, Thank you. Are you afraid? Praying. Yeah, I'm here. Frank. I think I'm looking forward to playing football. How about you? Which spring? You mean 2021 or 2022 minutes after March Madness. I hope it's there. D J. I really do. But.

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