A new story from Skip and Shannon: Undisputed


Speaking of puppets again it did give me pause to wonder because jason says what jerry wants him to say it made me wonder did jerry tell jason we need to light a fire under dak is jerry harping on what i brought up of what was at about ten days ago on the show that all of a sudden dak prescott in his second year has not one or two or three he's got twelve national advertisements that he does for 12 different big corporation companies i don't know maybe he's upset with that or maybe jerry because we we harped on this may be starting to miss tony romo maybe he's starting to say i told you so we should have hung on we should talk tony back out of the booth because mirror what jerry say my my only regret or his biggest regret in all of his football career in dallas was i didn't winter super bowl with tony romo right well guess what jerry not only did you not win a super bowl even even sniff a super bowl tony role 'cause you never even got to the champion the nfc championship you only one might gave recount i know as he got to the division round once against brett far of which was a duboc all up in minnesota that game and then rumor they eked won out against detroit i give you that they got a big fish in moroccan aimed and then they went up in got raleigh robbed at the robbery was built by the way i tweeted last night that i hope all those those were you've got like twenty followers or you know they watch what i i don't know how many you and i don't i never looked but but i wanted them i tweeted to about you that just got please go tell the hall of famer that was a catch22 because it is my rare had a good conversation with him last night he uses shuttle with absolutely true and he used to work for benefit yeah okay but here's the fact that you know he he's been very critical.

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