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Fine marriage is based on a lot of things it's about connection communication chemistry a shared vision for the future i want kids you want kids i wanna live near the ocean you wanna live near the ocean you know i like to travel you're not gore phobic you like to travel so some of the big things have to be there and be in place but the other secret too along marriage is to learn to put on your rosecolored glasses because a university study that was done found that couples who consciously choose to wear rosecolored glasses has longer happier more satisfying marriages and the reason is they're always looking for wits rate instead of looking for what's wrong let's aerial scored she's all through boussouma mood see group in the really the whole interviews really good issued you'd like easier it's episode one hundred and twelve and you'll find it on our website so bring you should know met and finally today what is your dog thinking in episode fifty one back in march i spoke with dog behavior expert camilla gray nelson she's author of a book called lipstick and the leash and this interview is one of my business partner ken williams favored interviews because he's a dog owner and if you're a dogowner you've probably wondered what is your dog think if you if you fell down the well like in the old last see tv show while which your dog do what a go run for help like last he did or or would just sit there or would it just walk away or what what does your dog think well here's what camilla gray nelson says it a left wing.

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