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The search for survivors and more victims continues after a tornado devastated, a rural community and Lee county, Alabama Twenty-three people, including some children are confirmed dead. Governor Kay Ivey. Most children mothers fathers. Neighbors in Lee county sheriff Jay Jones says rescue crews have come from across Alabama and neighboring states had an overwhelming response from the community and from volunteers from literally all over the state and from our neighbors in in Georgia as well all we even had calls from Mississippi. I have to say that weird. So primitive of everyone's efforts to come to our aid and our time of need. The national weather service says the path of the tornado is a mile wide and twenty four miles long. CBS's Omar Villafranca says it was a terrifying. Experience for many we went into one home here in Smith station, where about ten foot limbs had basically been stabbed through the roof of this house that the family was inside. It is a miracle that they didn't die inside there. They hid and bathrooms and they hid in closets and part of the roof has gone. And in fact, one woman told me she was being sucked out through the roof. But it passed so quick that it just lift. That her up and then dropped her back down. It's looking more likely that President Trump will have to wield his veto pen for the first time. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says critics of Mr. Trump's emergency declaration on the southern border have enough votes to pass a resolution blocking the move Kentucky Republican rand Paul is among the opponents begin.

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