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Joe the dodgers are a headache divide and the crowd well knows at one spring of this is capable of making it a brand new game again joe lean jen here's one for three today six hips on this series i feel deep brown toward left the infield over shifted here's the pitch swing on it's a long deep and action back back back back back back back he makes one hand to catch it with dodger sports announcer red barber calling the plays brooklyn faced their perennial rivals the new york yankees in the nineteen forty seven world series this was what robinson would call his greatest moment the vindication of his andbranch ricky's risky experiment the quote hurricane i of a significant breakthrough the moment when baseball would be integrated for good with other institutions in the united states to follow it would be an even better story if the dodgers had won that series but it was not to be yet brooklyn lost in seven games and then as every year the cry went up in brooklyn wait till next year in spite of the loss and every hardship that led up to it nineteen forty seven still proved to be a triumph for jackie robinson polls taken at the time showed he was second only to bing crosby as the most famous person in america this put him ahead of frank sinatra eleanor roosevelt in general dwight d eisenhower branch ricky's bold plan had succeeded his team was a pennant winner and very nearly the national champions robinson was an acclaimed member of the team and he had played in a world series ricky was now planning his next black player the star of the negro and mexican leagues catcher roy campanella by nineteen forty eight the pressure was off robinson to suffer within what ricky had called his armor of humility he became more outspoken he challenged umpire calls and criticized the league's lack of black third base coaches and he played the best he had so far leading the league in hits batting stolen bases and rbi's and he maintained a batting average that was near three hundred he reached another milestone to he was the first black player voted into the all stars team.

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