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Pash mode dot com. Now 7 23 on WTO, a Rockville man has pleaded guilty to murdering the former manager of Chevy Chase village 38 year old Billy Phillips admitted to shooting and killing 66 year old Jeffrey biddle, biddle was found shot to death in his home on Windsor lane in Bethesda, a couple of years ago, 2021. Police were called to his house for a welfare check after he didn't show up for work at payment solutions where you CEO. Phillips is a former employee of bid, but he was fired after being convicted of robbing a bank in Virginia. Police believe he held biddle hostage before killing him. They found biddle's bank card and checkbook in Phillips car when he was arrested. He faces up to life in prison plus 65 years, sentencing his next month. Knew this evening, we've got an update to the sad story of the mother of a naval academy football player. She was hit by a stray bullet and killed as she sat on the patio of an Annapolis hotel in the summer of 2021. We've learned tonight that Angelo Herod, the man found guilty of the killing, was sentenced to life in prison. It's the maximum punishment sought in the high profile case. Herod is from Annapolis, he was convicted late last year in the killing of 57 year old Michelle Cummings. She was in town from Houston, celebrating the naval academy's induction day for her son Trey. A car stolen an upper Marlboro last night triggered an amber alert for a toddler. Well, now the suspect in that car theft faces a long list of charges. The car with a three year old in the backseat was stolen from a convenience store in the upper Marlboro area and found here, where fair get street meets busy edmonston road just before 8 30 p.m.. It's not far from where a hit and run crash was reported involving a vehicle that matched the description of the one police were looking for. Minutes later, the suspect, 18 year old Ariel Florentino galeus was arrested at his home about a mile and a half away from here. Florentino galeus is charged with kidnapping, kidnapping, reckless endangerment theft and more. He's being held without bond right now, but he does have a bond hearing scheduled for Monday afternoon. In bladensburg, John dome in WTO penis

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