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And you're going to start off this week talking about the burgeoning scandal or actually group of scandals engulfing capitol hill right now that's sexual harassment sexual misconduct in the capital we're going to talk about some of the members who have been accused and what the response has been across the political spectrum in a big week for that especially with the dean of the house congressman john conyers of michigan getting engulfed in this and ultimately house minority leader nancy pelosi calling today for his resignation from michigan's 13th district we're also going to talk a little bit about president trump's twitter feed which got a little bit out of control even by his standards on tuesday and wednesday nancy cooks going to take us through how that derailed some major white house meetings and brought international condemnation down on the white house and nancy's also know walk us through the ins and outs of tax reform which is moving a breakneck pace through the senate right now some major announcements on that today could pass the senate in the next few days would still need to be the subject of some legislative wrangling between the house and the senate because those bills are different but things are moving forward with the republican tax plan and we're going to get into the details before we do that a quick note please remember to send us questions if you have themnerd cast at politicocom and also remember to subscribe at rate us and right written reviews of the nerd cast on apple podcast or your favorite podcast app on i and let's welcome our panelist senior politics that they're trying to testing in studio had charlie scott and we have white house reporter nancy cook hello all right we are going to start off this week talking about a subject that we touched on the last time we were here but has really mushroomed in a big way since then sexual misconduct in congress and now we are up to two current members of congress who have seen uh big sexual harassment complaints or sexual misconduct complaints come forward against them.

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