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That's so exciting though at home. Are you excited to be? My birthday is in like two weeks and I'm like it's just GONNA! We're just GONNA hang out at home. That's okay, yeah! I'm just GONNA. Go and get a Derek GEIC. Exactly! That's the only thing I requested. I was like highway. The only thing I want for my birthday is an ice cream cake. That's it seriously I'm so excited though I mean not excited really, but I'll be thirty finally I. Guess That's exciting. Momentous occasion. Yeah, we're like glinting. I'm going to Colorado and stuff before corona virus, but. Now obviously just sit on the couch and watch so much TV. Yes, such honestly is kind of Nice, but it is. It's less nice when like you have no other option. You know what I mean like for birthday I want to be able to opt out of an event. Exactly exactly that's that's the only good thing about a birthday is now. I don't WanNa do that. It's my birthday, but now you're not even get the chance to do that. Because nobody's GonNa ask you to do anything no. I take so much joy because my birthday is two days from the fourth of July. I think much joy being like no, it's my birthday I'm not gonNA. Come to your fourth of July Barbecue. Yeah Birthday Week weekend whatever data. Will Be Monday or something right so then everyone has it on Saturday. Of A kid, it was a bummer, though because everyone was gone for the summer like that. Go on, Camping Shit. Yeah yeah, that it does kind of stock. That's like the one bad thing about having this summer. Is that like none of my friends? Wherever in town? Like. Everyone was town. My birthday base so. That's okay. At least we never had to go to school on a book day. God Yeah right yeah now. We're adults and they don't just give your birthday off of work. Which is a bummer? It should legally. You should have to get your birthday off of work every year. Let's be real. Should be a holiday. Holiday for. Everybody yeah everybody gets. Fourteen days a year plus birthday. Exactly and if their birthday's on weekend and they get the. Floating Holidays Yeah Yeah like a bank holiday for your birthday. Exactly are this is this is exactly what we were set on. This planet to do is to make these rules. anyways. Back to the topic at hand. What did you watch this week? So. This week has been mostly a continuation of last week, which has been mostly me. Just wash dance MOMS. which has been a lot of fun and it's been incredible and there's. A lot of people been watching dance MOMS in quarantine because there's so many tick talks about dance. MOMS like my entire for you. Page on tick tock is like. Diabetes Diabetes Dance MOMS dance MOMS dance MOMS. So! That's been my whole life for the past couple of weeks. He's been dance MOMS. Let's I really haven't watched too much else. But what about you most dance mom so I? Don't really know what I'm going to move onto next, but. Now I have watched a lot of television. That's not just star trek this week I have. To half of Star Trek in the past two weeks, but so I. I started off this week with the big flower fight, which is on net flicks, and it got advertised remained for half a day, and then I was like look stupid, and it was stupid, but it was also relieved done and dislike the most superfluous thing that you could ever in quarantine. You're just watching. These groups of people like smashed flowers into the shape of bears and shit like. That's cool. They made what made rapunzel out of house. That's interesting. Yeah, I saw that on my like suggested things on that flex, but I had no idea what it was, but yeah I thought it was going to be more. Than it was okay, because it has the lady who's Najah in what we do in the shadows, and she's like Berry dryly funny, and so she's just like going around, just making these like obnoxious dad puns, and it's it's it's perfect. She's wearing like like Chiffon. Black dress at one point in time like they're out in a garden and she's like wearing this like insane. Proof address. Hell yeah it was ridiculous. Sounds awesome I also watched another new Netflix's thing. The floor is lava. Okay, I've heard about that one, too, but I haven't tried watching it yet. It was I. Mean it's it's a wipe out for the modern area, but not. Very satisfied, because usually the teams that you want to win, do win and the teams that you want to lose. Somebody definitely gets hit in the nuts with an obelisk. That very rarely happens. I. Find TV like so. That's pretty good. That's pretty. Various out like the MOM and her sons. They do great, but then the three FRAPP rose. They get fucking destroyed I always love watching. Frat Bro, get destroyed them like. The best possible they watch. Okay and the last thing I've watched. I watched so much TV this week. was BB's watched. The baby is show on Netflix finally. How is that? It's like I thought it was going to be more. Baby centric than it was I guess, but it's more like human. Like instinctual knowledge and human development. It's like really interesting Gotcha. The first. Episode was about love, and like the camels behind love and stuff, and so they studied moms and Dads, and they studied birth mothers, and like how they're oxytocin goes up, but also there are migdal like gets. Wild and in the DADS doesn't do that except when it's two gay Dads, and then they get it..

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