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No longer pre recorded. So you can call in with all your questions at 8886927234 8886927234 So call in with all your questions that you've been saving up for the last three months. And with us this morning is David Goldsmith. Who's in a digital studio, along with Robert Erskine from England. Good morning, Robert. Very good morning to your Michael. And how exciting a truly wonderful it is to be back. Joining you live off the other side of the pond. I understand that you've got three months worth of reports to give us Yes. So I got to start now. So go and get your slippers on top of a cup of tea with plenty of sugar and some English cons. I will be here. For another three months listening to me talking non stop. Okay. We'll just have to settle for one report for today. And I think I understand you have an electrifying report today. Yeah, I really do have an electrifying report and I know that some of you listeners In the United States listening to us today that you're probably going to say I know this. This doesn't sound exciting. We've already got one. Britain's first lithium ion battery Gigafactory has been announced on work is starting next spring, God willing virus or no virus? On this establishment is going to be built in Ah ah parts of England, which is called Wales. It's going to be nearly 1.2 kilometres long by over 35 meters high on what's really exciting about this is that this just isn't going to be any any gigantic shed. As you guys call them know this is going to be designed with utter design finesse from the pen off Penan Farina design studio who will be responsible for how this whole facility is going to look. How it's going to blend into the landscape on DH. It's going to be the third biggest building on mainland Europe, so it's quite quite something. But you're not on mainland Europe, are you? We're also bailout of Europe now and a lot of people here use devices. Yes, but there's something called the English Channel came along, which has protected us. From many a person who has wanted to try and effect status on, uh we will hear as time goes on that the departure of great Britain from Europe is probably not going to be as bad as all the critics have made it to be at this time. There are some fantastic positive. One of the positives is, in fact, this fantastic Factory because our batteries here and you know, I'm talking as though we are already producing them and they're rolling off the production line are British factories of probably if not certainly goingto undercut the pricing off the batteries, which most Evey manufacturers that's electric vehicle manufacturers. Have they get those supplied at source from China and Asia? So of course they're import duties. So there is a cost leverage that goes on straight away on the other thing you have to understand is that to use the phrase toe Shap. These from China and Asia to mainland Europe is a very, very bad thing, indeed, because you're pumping out 02 into the atmosphere. With your super tankers and so on and so form and super ships, which are carrying all these amazing containers full of matches. They're pumping Co. Two so at a stroke. Having this facility on mainland Britain, which is a gesture to bang love. Europe is going to be a fantastic thing. Robert, Do you have any information on the battery technology? Is there any new technology in these batteries? Now at the moment from the press release that I had on DH will come on in a moment with the actual gentleman that I spoke to whose brainchild this A Liz at the moment, I understand that they're going to be supplying Be up to the minute lithium ion batteries that most vehicles are being supplied with, But they're looking into the feature almost immediately by Looking at advanced, innovative technologies, which Britain seems tohave on edge on. I'm gonna blow Britain's trumpet for a second. The facility is already being designed to take on board. You advanced technologies, which will supersede The lithium ion battery are what's really curious is that the lithium ion battery was actually first developed here by Stanley Witting Him I brilliant English chemist who was working for Exxon Mobil at the time in the 19 seventies. When we have the oil crisis, Then this gentleman realized that there was a really, really positive way out. Off the solution of being reliant on just fossil fuel at he was looking at the element lithium, which is one of the lightest metals that we know because lithium is number one off the chemical. Formula rating on it's also extremely light, and it's got something most peculiar call it is that we know to man so We have a bit of an edge going on here, so it's it's very exciting. So you really mean it. Sorry. Go ahead. No one's just going to say, you know, that was the first thing that came to my mind that you hear that The technology of batteries is changing so so rapidly And I'm thinking Oh, my gosh, they're goingto These Brits. They're gonna build this giant Super Stadium of that, you know, building lithium ion batteries that will be, you know, obsolete by the time the buildings built, so it's great to hear that they're already you know that forward thinking and that because the technology you just hear about these things, I guess it was Moscow came up with didn't think they're talking about this battery That's going to be What I mean. I know it's it's not really true. The 1,000,000 mile battery or something, but there yes, that are changing so rapidly. Good Tio here. They're going to be leading edge on that. Yeah, well, look, you know nothing As we know, stands still, he we are with a you bright, energized auto lab who would've thought.

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