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Anthony burgess talks about grammar and he says grammar has its own fascination and in a ghostly manner its own peculiar truth there is a satisfactory bonus about grammar which the flesh of vocabulary or alexis requires before it can become vertebrate and walk the earth. That's beautiful that's very lovely. What's the book again A mouthful of air title for a book read it now because he had a real fascination with languages and foreign languages and and i love what he says about the bonus of grammar bonus of the structure in which everything hangs and then he gets up and walks words at radio dot org support for a way with words comes from jack in carolina. Raymond proud sponsors of wayward inc. The nonprofit that produces and distributes this program. You're listening to a way with words. The show about language and how we use it. I'm grant barrett burnett. I've seen more and more people use the word. Google ganger. you know this term. Right adapted from d'appel ganger in german which means double goer like somebody's double But google ganger is a person with the same name as one self who's online references or mixed among one's own search results Grant i google alerts for you and i see that you have at least one google ganger a whole bunch. I think i encountered this word. In two thousand seven. I get googlers australia and new zealand and a kid playing soccer in alabama judge in california and there was one who died in texas actually with my name. Oh wow well. There's another martha barnett without the eon. The end met her. 'cause we read the word of south festival there at the same time but we just miss each other but there's also with the e with the on the end of barnet. There's the martha barnette golf classic in south carolina. I did meet one of the grant. Barrett google ganger when we did our show in dallas years ago is a great guy stagehands. Of course he was a stagehands. The theater in texas with him. Yeah two grandparents on stage together testing. What could be better than martha de to time lords meeting it was kind of wonderful. I look for the blue box. Why do i think that We probably are going to hear some other. Google ganger stories. I would love to hear some more. There's a couple of famous ones of the guy who made the film with all the people with his name. there's a couple of festivals that have happened with people who all have the same common name together..

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