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Then like it wasn't Bush like still have been instead of like. It wasn't by Bush and like. All right. So that just dropped maybe Russia. But it wasn't like they did some deal in a garage or anything, and then as soon as I dropped like how about this? Maybe we're GONNA for this and it was like you guys just seem like you WanNa. Seems like you just WanNa, get him for something at this point and I mean we we talk last year a lot about the Russia gate thing. And so I I'd say listen to that for for like my take on that that whole thing it's fucking bullshit. It was all a setup. It was it was you know like at this point all the information's out if you care to look into it like that whole thing was bullshit. And the Ukraine thing was just like a desperate stretch and the truth is that most people like at a situation where okay. The when Joe Biden Vice President he was basically in charge of the Ukrainian policy that the that was one of the things Obama put him on and his fucking kid is working for this huge fucking energy company in Ukraine getting paid like I forget what it was three hundred k. a month some ridiculous fucking thing and you're like. Really the guy doesn't even speak the language, he has no experience in the energy sector. This is so obviously can. Attempt to buy access it almost like if you just randomly get a judge in case and he's like Oh actually, I went to school with your with your uncle. So I can't be part of this case right so like even if he got the job by himself like, Hey, I can't do it anymore because dad just got this So Dad you either stop or I honest but it looks too bad even. If it was on the level which there's no way now truthfully speaking, you know trump probably committed like a faux pas in the fact that he asked this guy to investigate the Biden Iran they are really supposed to do that. But for it to be like, no president ever has been impeached and removed from office really never happened in the country and to say, you're going to do that to this guy for this. Crime when like I, mean the crimes that presidents have committed throughout the history of this country are like I mean just the last three you know like Bush instituted torture and lied us into wars and Obama spa built a spying apparatus to spy on every American citizen hit trump's continued all of these volcanoes and it's like this. This is the thing that you're going to try to do this over it seems like Impeachment. So in in South Korea they protested every day for I think like hundreds of days against their leader who is taking spiritual advice from from like a guru and letting that dictatorship policy She was great for a little bit and then she went Kookaburra cocoa senator was like and it was like we got rid of her they rain shine. They never saw protesting until eventually get her out of office. But it wasn't so much like you do this illegal thing it was just like, Hey, you're you're doing a bad job and we want you gone and we don't wait three years com. We've all decided with hate the job you're doing a vote of no-confidence whatever it is but it's like that seems like that's what impeachments should be and we have it as like you got to break one of these specific rules. Yeah. Right. Come on. Stop. Ruining Art. Who is it Robert Kelly? He doesn't know any of this of course. Yeah. The fucking. Impeachment process was I. Think it was A. It would have said I think it backfired on the Democrats, but honestly so much happens. Then the nobody cares right a race from the memory. So let's start. Let's start with this because the state of the union not just of politics right and we've been covering some years political election years of two thousand sixteen was probably more I remember I listened back to part of last year's Day because I try to you know make sure I don't say the go over the same exact shit and I said at one point ago. Well, next year we'll have a great one because it's an election year. And that was what I thought. It'd be next year. Obviously, it'll be a big year because it's an election year and again that seems like one of the smaller details of twenty twenty I'll tell you. So I started stand up again you know after months off my. I believe my longest running March People Mitch June. Close, close to my longest break our. And I was like had this thing I talked to my friends about it like what material you guys GonNa do when you get back the old stuff and I'm like, yeah and I get it if you're on the road like. Selling out a show like we just want you entertain us. But like if you're doing a spot where it's not your show Mike, I feel like a fraud if four months later, I still had stuff about holding the subway door open. MIC also there's no subway right now and black lives matters happened. The whole world has gone down under this fucking virus. So it took me like four or five or six cents over like a month, and then now I can do an old joke again. Sure. Yeah. So so much has happened. Even though black lives matter is not like. This year actually started years before Obama but like it's different, it's different now. Yes. Difference much bigger thing. It was never like mass. Protests riots fucking like it's a whole different level but I guess we should start with the fucking because Kobe, that's the. What changed everything was this year in fucking I mean January and February were somewhat normal months. In? Hindsight People like worst you're ever. It's like they keep saying that I'm a look the negative and everything because like most years look back like it was great. Well, look I mean. Well. Yeah. Well, it it gives you some perspective, right like it. It's amazing. How much like two thousand nineteen to me felt like, oh, this is a crazy fucking year and when we were doing the podcast last year like I was talking about all that shit and it's like, yeah, did this fucking crazy there were accusations at the president committed treason and then they all fell apart. He's found out this happened in any other where you're talking about seem really important. Now, this year, you're like Oh what a simpler, Falcon time. Simpler Falcon time like this. This is different than anything. There's like you know. The country has been profoundly changed and in a way that will not be undone like in the same way like after nine eleven, you know there was like almost this feeling of. Okay. So when do we go back to normal like when do we go back and people were terrified? If you remember right after nine eleven of another nine eleven style attack that was the big fear now that fear goes away none of us are really thinking about another nine eleven style attack. I mean, maybe some people are but the vast majority of us are not living in fear of that. You the fucking Tsa Sheriffs, TSA stay the Department of Homeland Security is here to stay the wars as a responser seemed to be here to stay. So there's it's like, no, we're not going back. Were you when you give the government, a tremendous amount of additional power Milton Friedman said once the there's nothing. So permanent as a temporary government program like if the government takes power, it's very, very hard to roll it back and usually even if you roll it back, it's like they start at zero go to ten role at back to seven but you're still seven higher than you started when you think about it. Let's just say we started these wars to get the Guy Tactless Saban Lot and it took ten years almost. We got him. Okay we're all disbanded. It's like it's like, who's The gladiators? Killed Whoever's now, let's go back to farm life right I'm done with this thing Rambo up time to go back on the road. Yeah, I've done this I'm not gonNa keep government never does that yeah. They go back to for it whenever there's like an emergency situation. They grab new power, and then when people why would you give back? To give it up hold on a little bit I was hoping because now you can drink in the streets and I was like I was talking to my friend.

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