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A screen shot of your receipt for donation, and and we will send you that episode and we will continue to match donations. For the foreseeable future, so go ahead. It's not too late and is that I don't even know if they episodes any good, but I'll tell you what it is. It's secret. You know as I was editing it a found that I thought it was a pretty good episode well. There's money yours all you gotta do is donate money to a good cause. That's all we ask so precious. All we ask I mean I have a lot of demands, but from you, our listeners. I only ask that you donate. Year we will be back. To I think leading up to this special in November. We will probably be back just to kind of talk about some stuff. That would be nice to maybe review. Some of the artists to that are inducted to you know I can remember who they are literally. About any of them, even the we, we've talked about each of these artists at length. Of them have been. had episodes that lasted an hour and a half about each. Now and it wasn't that long ago. I mean whatever man so yes, there's as we lead up to the index ceremony I'm sure we'll have some things to talk about to make some predictions and they will I'm sure. Announce ahead of the ceremony. Who's going to be there will be. There'll be things to talk about, and we don't know when they will be convening again for the nominating committee. There's reports that it will won't happen. Until twenty twenty one because the ceremony itself won't have until November, but there's conflicting reports. Some say that they will be meeting before the end of this year. Who knows so I'm this like? What does a bite of the hoagie get dropped off at everybody's house. So, they can all chop it to gather virtual hoagie. They can chump. In A. Flash Animation Games. Virtual Hoagie. Anything's happening with the Rock Hall. We will come back and record are very important thoughts and episode I came is they're going to sound effect for some sort of special episode I don't think so I think the I think the sound effect will be our theme song because if you're hearing us, it's basically a special episode. We'll yeah, because what will be coming back as needed. Needed and that's in. It is needed I'm sure and yeah to discuss stuff as it happens, but until then we will be taking a step back and we hope you listen to these songs. These protests songs, which not only are a pleasant to listen to you, but there's a there's a message with all these things as well that we hope you absorbed and think about pleasant till listen. I don't know. They're good songs. They're important songs. They mean something and I hope that all of our listeners out. There are taking this opportunity to really engage with some meaningful work as far as how we can all be racist in this society, and what a lot of structures in this country were built on and kind of reexamining. It doesn't have to be this way in all regards the things that we take for granted as the way they've always been, and so it's just too hard to change. It doesn't have to be true and I think we're seeing that in this moment. And I hope we continue to see people coming together to really think about ways. That, we could make truly better future for all of the institutions, even.

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