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What's happened up there. Then were killed when one hundred seventy miles. An hour winds hit louisiana. Extreme weather is we're seeing is only gonna come more frequently more ferocity. President biden was speaking at the national renewable energy laboratory. In golden colorado in minnesota judges derailed a landmark ballot initiative to de-fund police in minneapolis details from npr's martin kosti after the twenty twenty murder of george floyd and subsequent protests. Minneapolis was set to vote on a ballot initiative to shudder the police department and replace it with a department of public safety. Don samuels is a former city council member who sued because he thinks voters would not know what they're voting for. They don't realize that under the new plan. There will be no chief of police. There will be no designated funding the department. We don't know how many police officers we will have under the new plan. There is no plan. Judge jamie anderson appeared to agree striking down the current ballot language. Even as the ballots are currently being printed. Supporters could still try to save the initiative with an emergency appeal to the state supreme court. Martin kosti in minneapolis. This is npr. Mallon are being counted in boston where voters are deciding who will be their next mayor. Five democrats including acting mayor. Jim j. kim janey are vying for the city's top office all of the candidates are people of color and four of them are women. A judge has rejected the latest version of a ballot. Measure the future of policing in minneapolis. The proposal would lift a requirement that police staffing beheld to a minimum comedian norm macdonald. A cast member of saturday night live in the mid nineteen ninety s has died after battling cancer for nine years. Npr's mentally ill barco has more throughout his career. Norm macdonald joked about things that might seem inappropriate while hosting weekend. Update segments on snl. He used to lampoon former football star and actor. Oj simpson who was on trial for murdering his wife. Of course oj did it. I mean come on mcdonald later. Said the network fired him from the show for jokes like this norm. Macdonald started out in stand up comedy and canada where he was born he wrote for tv. Shows like dennis miller roseanne. He appeared on late night. Talk shows and even hosted his own norm. Macdonald has a show. He voiced animated characters including sarcastic foul mouth pigeon and as recently as last year mcdonald was onstage. Making fun of corona virus pandemic. Monday del barco. Npr news on wall street stocks fell after the latest report on inflation. The dow lost two hundred ninety. Two points the nasdaq shed sixty seven. I'm shay stevens. This is npr news..

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