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Morning news sports time Cory Lopez runs, in one inning for the Astros six Do you think. Charlie Blackmon wishes he. Could have that playback he's a world-class, player but in that instance he. Respectfully looked like a kid out there in the field that, happens to a lot of people the. Ball gets, by, Mike you. Remember the great play that he made last Sunday yes To save the. Game I think the same thing was going through his? Head Baseball taketh away Royal boy Marty you're absolutely right lost in. All of, this to Tyler Anderson and other quality starts, gave up. Two runs of course the two run blast in that first innings Alex bregman but, then he settled back in only one of. Those was Ernie went seven plus but it's good game through the ninth inning but you've, got, to. The tenth and things got a little out of hand rocks manager bud black I would say that. We're one of the best defensive teams in the league or an all baseball and tonight there. Was a couple of mishaps that's part of the human. Element. Of this game they kind of going back to the Charlie Blackmon thing, okay so the rocks trying to get back on the horse by, the way they've lost two in a row. Because they lost that Sunday game and then they ended up losing last night so I'll try to snap at and they'll do. It with John gray on the mound going up against all sorts Charlie Morton I think it's going about six o'clock with Rockies ondeck coverage here on. KOA NewsRadio and the first pitch we'll go to. About six forty fingers crossed 'cause I know you're that chance of some storms. I was on again last night due to some rain Rain delayed coverage but head on through just to take yourself, maybe an umbrella with you good news is. Dodgers also lost two for scoreboard watching rocky still to and back in the National League, West, what. Big trade in baseball the Yankees just keep on getting better they have the best bullpen in baseball. And it just got better they got all star closer Zach Britain in exchange for giving up. Three minor league pitchers so Britain coming over from Baltimore. Training. Camp set to get going for the Broncos rookies are already at UC, health training center getting physicals the veterans have to report by Friday, and then everybody's on the field and everybody. Can watch on Saturday with training camp two thousand eighteen at nine thirty in the morning on Saturdays when it opens up to. The public LA Rams locking up running back Todd Gurley through twenty twenty three is a record breaker ESPN's Adam Schefter forty five million dollars in guarantee. We have the highest or your average for a. New running back right now close to basically fourteen million Dollars per year about that for your sixty eight million dollars, to Twenty-three-year-old, rush for over thirteen hundred yards last year Hughes the NFC offensive player. Of the year pay the predictions are out college football can't be that far away mountain west throwing out there, pick for mountain division and, it's not Colorado state they're picked to. Finish third in the mountain west and looks like the media is. Picking Boise state to win the, division and be the conference champion air force by the. Way picked to finish fifth in that mountain division that's sports fifteen and.

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