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And professor of gender and sexuality studies at usc during saif and the co host of the waiting to exhale podcast. Welcome to the show karen. It's my pleasure to be here. Yes i'm excited to have a real in the flash chair to talk about the chair. It's going to be very fun. I mean you know the funny thing about it. Is that the setup of the show of santa rosa character. Gene kim is the first woman of color chair of the english department in one hundred. Seventy nine years at the fictional pembroke university and i was the first woman of color to be promoted to the rank of full professor in my english department in one hundred and forty years. So yeah you are perfect for this. This is great so when does show begins at jian. Kim played by sandra as karen. Just said has just become the first woman to chair. The english department at pembroke university. Which is a fictional university. And june is determined to usher in this new era. But she's almost immediately saddled with a bunch of unexpected challenges for one. The dean played by david. Morris informs her that because of low enrollment she has to convince three of the older tenured professors whose performance reviews have dwindled in recent years to go into retirement. She also wants to make yeahs mckay a younger more progressive. Black professor played by nana mensah it distinguished lecturer but she faces resistance from the dean and on top of all that her sometime love interest. Professor bill dobson played by jay. Do blasts becomes the center of a campus culture war after making a controversial statement during one of his classes which results in student protests so rounding of up the cast are bob alabam as professor elliott. Rents and helen taylor as professor joan handling both veteran. Educators who must reckon with being considered out of touch by their students and every cargo. Nila plays juju jeans young adopted daughter with whom she struggles to connect. Amanda p in any julia wyman created a chair while posters as an executive producer..

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