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In scally own amendment day cast on. This show aren't truly in disgrace. So we all care about the air india wines drawn. Hello everyone and welcome back to the love island rapa. We are coming to you from seven. Am my time. So i just. I need you to know that. Upfront the myself. right now. Of course as always kirsten mcinnis joined by the wonderful brian. scally scally. How are you hello. I'm relatively good. Would say would not expect anyone to be themselves after the dumping we had last night so not ideal but hey two out of three good love island episode. Just how. I'm trying to look at this honestly. It's a good thing that i'm sleepy right now because if we have done this right after the episode it would've maybe just been incoherent screaming really mad last night. It's fine but we're not alone. We've got our our fearless leader. Is here rob sister. Amino how are you all right. I'm so excited to talk about operation. heart attack. operation heart attack is here. Which is the plan. I made a to cover two seasons of survivor. A season of big brother australia and survivor and then beyond the love island up and drink nine cups of coffee a day. This is operation heart attack and concerning yes by cardiologists. Did not approve of this plan. Yeah i'd really prefer if you didn't I will say. At least. I am getting more enjoyment out of your operation heart attack than others so yeah more successful -ccomplish very fair That's years is the one. I don't want to succeed. I mean i guess. I didn't want to succeed either but whatever i feel like we need to just set up for everyone. The last thing we saw was isaiah leaving. That's that was the last thing that happened. And then all this bullshit happened after that it. Just i don't know scali. Can you give me something to like. Feel hope about in the seasonable of island casa more is coming. That's how i'm looking at this. I thought it was going to start yesterday. And i was so excited for rob again to watch them of casa more and then it didn't happen instead. They gave us the most boring hour of television of all time. Aided by these these islanders not an understanding anything about anything yeah costs no more is desperately needed right now because we are stuck with some really like. I don't know if they're just stashing. Yeah there's a couple of homes. So i am excited to see them get broken up next week. And casa amore is the best chance of that happening so i'm looking forward to that. Obviously it's not in this batch of episodes as we may have hoped but it is right around the yeah. I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to be here at the talk about love island because look if this is going to be like a reboot with casa moray kicking off. This is a great time for me to be here talking about what's going on on love island and boy. We have so many people unhappy in their relationships. I like feels very relatable. Oh no see. I like i just feel like it's all just normal. People like making out and having the mildest of drama. And i'm like i can see this happened in life. I don't have to watch on the tv screen. But if it's fine. So i am not a love island expert so i got to catch up on so much of the show to come on here and talk about this with you and i'm very interested in talking about this program where people just conspire to steal other people's relationships. Yes okay so love island. They've been there what it's how long has it been two weeks two and a half weeks..

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