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Cheque's doing absolutely much better with older voters, but that's fine if he was doing as well among Latino voters in African American voters. But what trump did last time in the two thousand sixteen election with African American voters he siphoned off eight percent of right that that's that's big and if you continued again doing the Karl Rove strategy where you just chip away at different voters, it's going to be very big challenge because in Florida, you're going to need all the voters to it. He'll. Gallup show. To, meet twenty two governor's Race Ranger Gillam carry volcanic Jacksonville, something, Hillary, Clinton did. But he lost up but only one Miami by by a smaller margin than. By smaller version than hell. I. Mean It'd be last four, hundred, thirteen thousand votes almost a by about the fame. Jeff. Walk Up to Florida where just that one percent skim off the top can make the difference between winning and losing stay. Exactly. Right. In I wonder if they should be making not just specimen, Florida Florida's possibly hard to to get I think for the Democrats but it's might I would encourage them to look at other opportunities in check. You know what to say I encourage them to look at Texas Tech How would you agree? With all the money you've spent in Florida at this point. Right, at this stage of the game, I, hear you on Texas long-term but at this stage of the game were spend your money. I'll share with you. We are right now registered. Registered voter in Texas. It's twenty one dollars for us to register Texan. It's six. Is it. Because this same. Atmosphere in Kostic anxiety that Latinos faced in Virginia. In Nevada in Colorado in Arizona and California way back in the way under people send. The those that same perfect environment along with meeting a new youth that is aging into the population is happening in Texas. You have two point five, million unregistered Latino Youth. Five hundred thousand of them who heard a president call their families in loved ones, rapists and criminals who also are witnessing s before that was signed into law by by Abbott that basically allows any official to question a school aged child with her American the stuff is happening in Texas is much more akin to what? Folks in Arizona felt under sp one, seventy, one eighty-seven than what we saw than what Floridians are feeling right now, there's a different type of anxiety that is really happening in Texas. Is Again, more akin to the other states that swung bending floored. Case it's a compelling case vital question is. Do you see Biden campaign doesn't have a money issue. Do Do they know their problem? Do they have the ability to address it? I think they're starting to bring in the right people and having these conversations. The challenge is that the game is not one on the traditional airwaves we're used to. It's it's one in the nooks and crannies of the Internet. It's one in the Nixon crannies of peer to peer what's up conversations, and they need to get up to speed to that because that is where people are sharing information. That is where people are using each other validations, eaters of information whether it's right or wrong, and the people that you're going to swing are paying attention by the influencers of their network online versus. The traditional Spanish language medium. Well, we shall see like I. Said I'm guessing Florida Bowl served as a interesting alarm lot Fox. Sports Talk? and. Theresa Kamara CEO Voter Latino. Excuse. Thanks. You've been listening to the Chuck Todd cast from meet the press. Today's episode was produced by Justice Screen and met Rivera John Research check producer Steve. Look. Ties the head of PODCAST FOR NBC News Our theme Music composed. By spoke media you can catch meet the press daily on MSNBC every at one PM eastern about..

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