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This is the day of Patrick. Show Joe I am Chris Bruce Audela Partner Rob Parker and we are the odd couple filling in for Dan on this black Monday and it is a Gotten pretty dark for some of the coaches already. Freddie Kitchens in Cleveland Gone Pat Shurmur in New York with the giants con for me. And you remember getting somebody no not chat. They'll be here's Colin commie control. Washington's Open Jacksonville could be in Dallas. Alice we all of course expect Jason Garrett to get his Pink Slip Rob. Here's the question and today's black Monday. Don't forget Chris Tomorrow will be black Tuesday for me and you you black Wednesday accent. It's a black life which is good. We love we leave positive but anyway in those of no sixteen. I'll even throw in Jacksonville in Dallas. If you want. which job do you think is the most attractive if your hand coach? Carolina Cleveland the giants Washington Jacksonville. Or the cowboys it would be under normal circumstance. A pretty easy. Pick of the Dallas cowboys because of the talent talent they have around them but with Jerry Jones being the owner Chris. That's that's the problem that that's that's the problem and so so you can go there but you're not gonna be able to do it your way. Do you know what I mean. Because that's not what he's he's done. The last twenty five years. That's why he's hired the Dave Campos and Jason Garrett as a ten year ten year run year round right because dougherty yes remember seven. I know they've what a division the last couple of years but they've only made the playoffs seven out of ten years. What made the playoffs three out of the team? I mean why why it did. They miss the plaza. What I meant to say three times and that decade in in ten years and it tells you all you need to know oh but yet he got to stick around the? NFL normally doesn't work. But Jerry wants to run the show so on papers as the cowboys and But but I don't think that's a good job because of Jerry. Yeah I'm with you. I mean you're right. I would normally say to pay for the cowboys. Because of the roster the prestige each style is. I mean. It's America's team but you're right if I'm not going to run the show the way I wanNA run. I've got some problems with it. I'M GONNA say Cleveland Rob Okay because again. What are they have talent not do on if I may a coach right? That's what I would pay. They have talent. No doubt about our friend is show Charles Robinson the great NFL reporter. He's been tweeting out. That if Josh mcdaniels gets the job then to your point what you've been saying John Dorsey is gone. I in any way coach is going to have some say with the GM. That's the good position to be in as a head coach. So Brown's job I I mean look there are things that should not be copycat killers lers they exist. Those who are compelled to turn bloody fiction into life horror story the spire by the joker. They do it because the Acts of power and control the license to kill life imitates art and unfortunately so does death reels podcast. One Who brought she murder made me famous comes the next great true crime podcast copycat killers join host. Dr J. Buzz Buzz. Von Ornstein. Her as he analyzes true crimes based on Hollywood hits new episodes every Tuesday on apple podcasts. And podcast one..

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