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Got some good news to tell the church this morning brother Howe's sister Sue joined the church and normally I don't I stay right in here when someone joins the church and usually one of the last ones to go and welcome a man, but I just felt compelled to go to the back door after the morning service, which I did. I went on to the back door and was grading those that were leaving and we've been having some visitors lately Bobby Smith who worked my dad for me built a route for me in his family been visiting on Sunday mornings. On the way out the door, Bobby leaned over and he whispered in my ear, he said, well, John, please pray for my wife. I said, I have been and I will continue. And in just a little bit, here she comes and she looked at me and I could tell she was being crying, she said, I need to talk to you. I said, certainly. And I said, anytime, I said, right now, she said, yeah, right now. So I had brother clay coming in here and getting this Debbie and so we all went over there in the side in the fellowship home. And I did not know this about her, but she was raised by an orthodox Jew. And raised in a Jewish family and observed the Passover and all of that. We discovered and she told me she said, I've been really listening to all that you've had to say. And she said, I feel like if I go any further with this, I'm turning my back on what I've been raised in in my Judaism. And I said, no, no, you will never turn your back. On your Judaism, if you trust Jesus Christ, and I went from the Old Testament. We looked at as F 53, she had her Bible there and we went into Isaiah 53, and I said, look at this, what your Bible says about Jesus Christ. He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for iron equities of chastisement of our peace, was upon him and he did all this for you. And then I went into the New Testament about he was your guard, manifest, and he is your Masai. And she sat there and she listened. I mean, she was hanging on every word. Debbie lab both were back and forth with her and I said, I said, it's so very easy. If you would trust Jesus Christ, long story short, she called upon the name of Jesus Christ. Right after services holding the guest say and her husband is what is he in some kind of rehab? And they're not able to come on Sunday nights and all, but you pray for what was her name? Sydney. Her name is Sydney Smith, Barbie and Sidney Smith, but Sydney is a converted junior. I've always wanted to lead a due to the lord and had the opportunity this afternoon. And that's good news. From the far country of what the lord did in her heart today. Let's take our bibles and turn to second chapter number 6. So they can create the chapter number 6. Just a few verses of scripture that the lord has dealt with my heart about just of late in a matter of fact, in my personal Bible time, I ran up on these verses and it's not converses that I was in read normally reading, but something I was looking at led to these verses and I've read these verses and when I did it just kind of caught my attention to my heart, I went back and reread them and just try and like Zach told us this morning that when we study our Bible, we need to not just read a verse and go on to the next we need to stop and we need to meditate upon what that verse is saying to us and how it would apply to our lives and I was doing that with these three verses that were going to be reading tonight and I pray that they impact your life just as they impacted my life and pray that they're working your heart as deep as they have in my heart. This old stand on the rating of God's word in second print his chapter number 6 I'm going to begin this will not be the last time that we deal with this. I want to stay with this subject forth as many times as we need to because I feel impressed of the lord to do so and want to try to want to try to equip your life, educate and equip your life in the subject that we're going to be dealing with tonight. And I'm going to simply entitled this this thought personal evangelism, personal evangelism, and that'll be the heading of this series that we're going to be dealing with and what we're going to deal with in a more common phrase is so wind. How to lead somebody to Jesus Christ. How do you personally take the word of God by your knees with some one and lead them to the lord Jesus Christ? I believe we fail as a church a lot of times to train people in this area, and this is one of the most, as I was preaching this morning the most important thing for anybody's life is for them to be saved and know that they're safe, but we need personal workers that can sit with somebody and show them from the word of God different things from the word of God just like we did with the Sydney this afternoon being able to go into the Old Testament show her some things

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