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Wow, yeah I guess we talked a lot more than I thought we would I. WanNa ask you one more question if it's okay. Have you ever had any drains that weezer psychic dreams or even just any dreams that stand out to you that you wanNA share I feel like I haven't had any dreams in the last five years that are any big deal They're mostly about the books I read but in the old days I used. To have a dream, but it only would happen once a year a I would go I'd be in a car driving and it was with pals and it was be really late at night and I pull up to the beach and there'd be this huge bonfire and everybody's kind of dressed up like Halloween different costumes, and there's music playing and I get there and you don't know who anybody is, but you just join him because the. Good and the fighters going and the stars are out and it just feels good. Just get on the sand and start dancing, and this one figure comes to me all the time and it doesn't have a mask done it always my dad. And I don't know what that was about and I honest I haven't had it for five years, but I've had every year. You know once a year for thirty years and it was just something that i. don't know what that's all about. Did, you notice the day or the time of year that happened would that be the same like widowed always happen in the fall or in September whatever. No, but it was always on the beach with the big fire. So it would have to be summer fall I would think yeah but we never talked or or you know what I sent back kind did that dream feel different from other dream? Well. I. Was always curious why he why we never talked or why he was a my beach party. I. Mean. It wasn't like it wasn't like he was the old man at at my teenage party or anything you know and it wasn't really my party. It was just a party going on the beach you know wasn't but yet I drove a long time with my friends in the car. So I wasn't alone. I don't know and I guess what I was trying to ask like do you think that the dream happened around the same time of year every year or would it happen at random? Times..

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