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Are, efforting at Oliver who is an amazing player is guys amazing player and that's coming up in just. A few. Moments huge call. Also still ahead try to give away. The masterbuilt smoker Best contribution gets it. Got a few that I'm. Looking at and if you do not win today remember to take your. Shot tomorrow also things I want to get to teddy Bridgewater which I mentioned also big, baby Glenn Davis in the news he's had a. Pretty good run less several weeks by pretty, good run I mean not a good run at all these rock going well for him in retirement. And we'll. Get to that. If not this segment then sometime tomorrow And if you did not get a chance to respond to react to what we, talked about regarding Ohio State. The be time for, that also tomorrow So as I'm efforting all right I want to get into some long form. Rant to open it up to you because I am trying to give away that smokers still one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six Make the most of the opportunity efforting a guest you have a chance to get through let's go to Richmond Bob in Richmond humidity in Bob how are you Jim. Love the show Have you bought what's up for three days to try and win a masterbuilt smoker and, the competition spoken your which is great to put on the smoker today will be another data you get from the jungle and sauce and slapped on Iraq cooked on the low temperature with, a long spoke sauna and your carcass. Removed for all jungle catch to enjoy. Only the biggest strongest the I, in the jungle. Health urban onto smoker, also term three strikes You don't like How.

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