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Bobby Kristian Garic, NFL, Bobby He discussed on Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert


The best undrafted players in all time nfl history we're assembling a team of undrafted players starting at the quarterback position welcome back bobby kristian garic here on sports talk who's your quarterback bobby he's gotta be kurt warner right look at the start yet well considering he was bagging groceries i think he didn't give up football because he was playing arena ball the iowa brainstormers johnston born storms yeah the brain born starring stores at some light crop duster yeah born nickname comes from but to go from bagging groceries playing in the rena league and take two teams different teams to super bowl when winning with the rams losing with the cardinals that's i mean kurt warner just looking at the quarterback say and you know i'm a big fan of his warren moon also undreamtof kurt warner's the starter then warren moon probably the honorable mentions just all the top of my head and practice squad would be jake and and tony romo from the cowgirls so you have to give them a little credit you're hesitant to give credit them but but i think he does a great job on tv does he does now look i mean look at the store remember the story trae green was going to be the quarterback of that rams team ended up winning the green yeah ended up tearing up his knee and the preseason here comes kurt warner and all of a sudden a star is born undrafted guy spend a little time with the packers and then ultimately landed with the rams had a great career there drop off when he went to the new york giants they drafted eli manning and then he goes on a cardinals takes them to the super bowl the last game he played was right over there in the superdome when the saints beat the cardinals two thousand nine he is deadly pray about killed them he's definitely been one of those fuel good stories that you have to have the talent obviously but he had the drive to never give up and and really a family kurt warner's a good dude kurt warner's the kind of guy that you cheer for i don't know about his wife i don't know if you'd be cheering for his wife cut it a g i jane look seen her of thing the hall of fame i don't think she wanted drastic member like that punk rock hair right all spikes but she was won a narrow forget he adopted one of one of her kids yes now kurt warner guy i mean i believe but you know what she did and this is taboo for any professional players wife called into the results call in a radio show what are you kidding me yeah so like a few a couple of bad games something they'd say louis oh she's calling the radio show no no that's when you gotta tell you why that's komo's you've done done no way i it would have been my wife would win timeout know what i mean by that is that you gotta be kidding me come on you gotta look at the big picture you gotta be thick skin you cannot let this bother you could you in a no win situation you just have to like this let it like you know like a duck the water roll off your back and you can't take your personal and that's why i want to say what is she doing so that's when i don't know and let's say the wife alike serena williams is someone like all of a sudden she'd have a husband and people might be questioning her career at some aspect or some time and he was defendant no you cannot do that she would need to check him yeah so it's not a male female thing is just if you're a public figure that level even though you love one loves you and wants to defend you they cannot even opinion public leave that alone warren moon is the backup to kurt.

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