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Irving is probably one of those guys at saves them about six million dollars overall in space. There aren't a lot of other players was on the roster that you can get rid of without big dead money hits. The Anthony Hitchens contract is a disaster. He's twelve point seven million dead money next year if they cut him because they restructured him this offseason get some cap space. You can absolutely restructure Sammy Watkins Base Salary Tyron Matthews. Both of them have more than eleven million. If you want to convert that bonus there's a way to find the money but when you consider that the mahomes extension is coming and you probably have to pay Chris Jones next offseason or at least franchise it it gets pretty dicey pretty quick so that's one thing to take into consideration having to give Ramsey the massive record-setting adding corner contract pretty much soon as you sign. Him is definitely the argument that to me. That's against it and I agree. I think your argument stands as well because you're going to be good for a long time. Do you want to have no homegrown hyper like high premium town in the pipeline. That's my thought I think all in moves Frank Clark. I don't think you can go all oh enter. Maybe I don't know I mean I is a Kansas City's. Never won a super bowl. Do we think that the fan base and the Front Office and ownership and the coaching staff and all that would trade one super bowl this year for maybe a couple of years at with the law maybe two years out of Patrick Mahomes career. Almost he answered. Yes I tend to agree. I tend to agree answer's. Yes and I also feel like we can't you can't assume the think about what we would have said about Andrew Lock right right. They're gonNa be good forever and that's just not how it happens. I know that it's a different situation and he was getting destroyed. Loyd even early in his career but I don't you can say we know we're going to be good for a decade. I also feel like you have to acknowledge that. This is your best chance to win one because he's so cheap even if you think you can win one in the future and I think a really good model right now is what Seattle is doing. We can pay our guy. We can start over with the rest of the roster and we can still be good because of how good that guy hi is but their best chance was still when Russell Wilson was making way less than Russell Wilson should and I think that's the argument for why a trade like the Ramsey Ramsay one make sense. Even if it really puts you in a tough spot in other areas I listen. I don't know the answer and I also think that going all in on one year when you have like MOMS is slightly rescued because this is a game of injuries and you know you could trade for guys and all of a sudden mahomes gets injured and you're screwed I cannot I'm good enough to make the decision about whether or not you play the long game with Patrick Mahomes and just maximizes window for ten fifteen years or just try to win the Super Bowl. Do everything you can to mortgage future because that's what it is to win this role this year. I don't know the answer. Who else do you think is on the table here with that would make sense for ran for Ramsey for Ramsey Ramsey so I saw a tweet. A little bit about the teams are in on them. One of them was Baltimore. Yeah I mean Jimmy. Smith has agreed to knee east brain. He's GonNa be out for a little while. Multiple weeks is how JIM are. John Harbaugh framed it. It's not season ending but that's secondary that we expected to be. You don't try to first round picks because your cornerback has agreed to niece brain that I feel like that's about his long-term. No I got you I. I think that's more about them. Not Thinking he'll be around for much longer us so here's the list via Justina Anderson teams that have made substantial inquiries candidate. Jimmy Smith is in the last year of his contract Kansas the city Baltimore Minnesota Oakland. You GotTa be kidding me so Donald Philadelphia Seattle now. We thought Seattle the teams. We always mentioned this. I don't know if it's just that's just Howie. Roseman and Jonathan are trying to be value gods and just being like take a second forum. You just don't know that substantially Sanjay inquiries as a man they offered a first round pick but with Seattle. It doesn't make a lot of sense. I think it was Shirley. It's tough just based on the finances of it. All obviously there's it's not in the league better at manipulating that stuff in the eagles have been and the West contract is gonNA look like a bar getting much sooner rather than later but I think with us I I know it's ridiculous but the Seattle thing I mean this is a team with ocean of cap space next season again. That's why I love the way that the seahawks have done this it they have. They decided to tear it all down outside of their two best players and that was really it. Those are the only substantial investments they have so now you have have Russell Wilson Bobby Wagner and a blank canvas and these are the types of moves that are on the table for you because you know restrictions Yep. I'm I'm I'm with you. All the way just Anderson reports. Every team has placed to call or almost. Every team has placed a call. I do want to say if you are an owner and you call your GM and say have you placed Kabul Jalen Ramsey and the answer is no you should find new. GM there's only one team where that's not a problem and they've already offered six first round picks for Jalen Ramsey God. Could you imagine yeah I can actually tell you the problem one of the problems with the Texans. Is it now if you call if you're Bill O'Brien and you call anybody they're going to immediately. Just give you a gag offer yeah. They and he's a guy in your fantasy league that you know you can take advantage. Oh Geez. Can we get you know. Eleven eleven first round picks from an indelible things about a for an hour like it. That's that's where you're at now through the text and then you call back and get cousin Greg and then you get the eleven first round picks absolutely called a call Jim form of Omelettes. Take a quick.

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