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It's like exciting yet funny. And they had the the the one produced of the did the weird voices booth and the guy you got chick over there. That's right. You know, and that your memory. I mean, your memory is pretty uncanny because sure that was a while ago. But no, I mean, I did like I you know, I would go up to Indian. There was a time. Like, I didn't start really drawing people like till the why was well into the podcast. I was a guy had to do that shit. Sure. But now, I can draw pretty good. I don't I would go to Indy fairly Vegas. We fake. Maybe you would do you know, I know you won't do for week. And and you know, I probably can't afford you. But if you're working shit out be we'll put you up to your Lenka king. Yeah. I could tell you you need help. I know just looking at my close to the Mike. You could hear the difference. Sorry. Right. My girth makes me it'd be too close. But the thing is like my we version of Agassi's like I will gamble, but I don't let myself lose eight hundred more than eight hundred bucks tool kinda you know, because I feel shitty. There's no good part of it for me. Yeah. I don't. And I'm not lucky. I'm not, you know, I just know that about me not. I'm not unlucky. Should I've never had that nightmare. Mike holy shit. I'm hitting everything. I haven't either never well a couple. Yeah. But in thirty thirty two years in that town, I can't tell you what I've lost. And you know, I got a little grip on the chip. We'll have you ever had to run of money to. No, okay. No. Who runs? Negotiate. They were. Listen, I'll set you up at the club. I wish I had that back. It was like you get to come to this restaurant gonna come to Guli. Yeah. And it's my mom's sixtieth birthday, and you're going do you're gonna do thing. And I was there. And I was there and still very close with that guy today. You have no choice. I had no choice as you're gonna go. It's my mom's sixty I went done, and then I was doing. Yeah. Doing Carroll O'Connor. And I was doing, you know, Jim from taxi, Grayson all the shit never did Gleason in the act that was you know, with all due respect that was not an impression Mark that was was a, you know, a reincarnation you you played him Ray called it. Jackie the NBA years. See? That's how. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah. But I did I did that little movie. But were you a fan? I was I was. New cremating, right? Do you ever meet him?.

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