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Sutter thought his team played better last night, the outcome basically the same. They've got the New Jersey Devils tonight. I feel like because of everything that tree loving did, we just talked about Doug Armstrong and the St. Louis blues and what he might do. I mean, tree pulled a rabbit out of his hat, right? I mean, he turned an ugly situation with goudreau and kachak into an pretty good situation in bringing in the pieces that he did. Is it fair to expect that this group from a chemistry perspective rate just needs more time, you know? 15 to 20 games. They played ten plus. Yes, I think that is fair. A, B, they don't have a choice. Yeah. But the hope they find some chemistry. So last year to this year, that's a seismic change in Calgary, right? Like you lose, you lose the energy skill grit, abrasiveness, production of Matthew kachak, and you'll lose good draws, productivity. You lose two thirds of one of the best lines in the league. Like, how are you going to replace that out of the gate? You're not. Hubert is not only moving to a new city, is moving to a new conference. He's never seen any of these players before. It's hard. Yeah. It's hard to hit the ground running. It's different if he was one player on that top line. He could maybe fit in. But it's all blown up. Cadbury is new. Lindholm doesn't have his wingers. The team is completely different. They're goaltending just been okay, but I did find it interesting that, you know, there are times Daryl grinds those guys and now he's given them a little pat on the backside and we're okay. We played better here and it is a surprise, a little bit, but when you dig just a smidge deeper, you're like, well, of course, there's going to be some growing pains on this. There just has to be. Losing Washington to an injury depleted, Washington capital Steve. I think the caps drakes want to see just, I'm going to look it up here because I think I've got it, but I think they've got $35 million on IR. Close to 40, I think. It's between 35 and 40. I had 35, but that was before the last injury. It's remarkable, they have no players. I guess enough, they scored four power play goals on 5 shots. So that speaks to the oilers, bad penalty kill, obviously, and perhaps discipline too. Well, okay, so I'm in LA and I'm going to do the kings in Minnesota tonight. So the kings have or rather Minnesota has given up power play goal and four out of their last 5 games, right? Not very good stuff. The other game, they didn't take a penalty. They can't kill a penalty to save themselves right now. The oilers are in the same in the same boat. And I guess I tell that thing about Minnesota's penalty killing about the one game that they didn't give up a penalty.

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