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Institutions are founding, I gotta take a break because of the clock getting wound up here. We're back rush limbaugh excellence in broadcasting network. So last night. In in Tampa Biden was supposed to appear and speak at six thirty pm as of Eight PM he hadn't been seen. Hey told the press he was in the building, but he still had not come out and there were some serious fears. What's wrong? Maybe I look. This program is one of the most powerful influential media broadcasts of each busy broadcast day and it was I who I warned everybody that was of the legitimate. Medical characteristics of dementia. Is something that is gotta names called sundown and what it is the day goes on and we get to sundown seven eight pm our people with dementia. Tougher and tougher times. And that is why Biden does nothing at night. And I pointed this out what did they do? They schedule N event for eight PM in Tampa. Shortly. After I on this program make. That announcer or Make that point. Says eight o'clock last night. Despite telling the Press Biden was in the building. He now nobody's seen him then when he did come out. He pulled his phone out he played a strange Hispanic Song on the phone. I don't know what he was doing backstage learning how to use the phone I don't know if they've they have the wake him up I. Don't know what here is why grab somebody number four this is what happened when Biden came out some say this is pandering to Hispanics he played. The song on his phone call d'esposito I just have one thing to say..

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