David Duke, Msnbc, CNN discussed on Mark Levin


Stuff newest gadgets unless everybody can have their. And only public health facilities. No private health facilities. Only public county hospitals or whatever no public, no private health facilities. Let's see how you like it. See how you like it. Living in one world the world of liberty while preaching in supporting and endorsing another world the world of tyranny, then cut it anymore. Do you want to be part of the left? The part of the David Duke democrat party. If you want to be part of the alt-left, then limit can't appreciate limit. When I tell you about Levin TV. There's one thing we've seen over the past few weeks and a few months that we can't let the left-wing coop media. Go on check. We don't support government intervention. They do we support competition and alternatives. And that's exactly what I'm offering to you. There's never been a more important time for shows like levintv in our network, blaze TV to expose and fight back against media malpractice, if you're watching levintv, and if you've been for a while now, you know, exactly what I'm talking about. And your subscription may be coming up. I hope you'll renew immediately. You've seen the way we're able to cover stories. Discuss philosophy history economics. Like, nobody else. Like, nobody else. And that's why I think you need the alternative to CNN and MSNBC and.

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