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Has issued an apology over its coverage of Friday's positive economic news the cable channel is apologizing over a graphic that looked at the stock market's performance versus the aftermath of the deaths of George Floyd Michael brown and Martin Luther king junior fox says the graphic illustrating market reactions to historic periods of civil unrest should never have aired on television without full context the cable channel says it apologizes for the insensitivity of the image and take it's this issue seriously the charge showed gains in the S. and P. five hundred after king's assassination in nineteen sixty eight the police killing of Michael brown in twenty fourteen and last month's death of Floyd in police custody Alison Keyes CBS news a greenfield bus driver is ordered held without bail after allegedly driving his bus into a black man with two young boys according to greenfield police department's Facebook page the bus driver identified as Steve Connell is accused of chasing down a man he claimed had a gun last Thursday the Manitou young boys were passengers on a Connell's bus after the trio got off witnesses say the bus sped up veered off the road and crashed into a wall police eventually determine the man being attacked was not armed Connell who is from the town of Gil was arraigned Friday and a number of charges including a civil rights violation as well as assault and battery with intent to murder while armed fish the Portland sea dogs are ditching the baseball team's ice cream supplier over racist comments online criticism was swift after Shain's of Maine owner Jeff Shane was accused of using a racial slur the employee later confronted Shane and quit her job the Portland sea dogs announcing that the minor league baseball team was discontinuing its relationship with the vendor Cheney issued an online apology and said the Sanford based business is welcoming of all races in Israel thousands of Israeli and Palestinian protesters in Tel Aviv in kneeling in Floyd's memory Saturday night during demonstrations against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plans to unilaterally annexed parts of the west bank the protesters chanted end the occupation and also waved Palestinian flags left wing politicians have label Netanyahu's move to annex up to thirty percent of the disputed west bank a quote a war crime and apartheid the plan would also deny Palestinians in the annex areas Israeli citizenship meanwhile president trump has voices poured for the prime minister's plan which protesters say has more to do with his re election bid at that Mideast peace and Israel being accused of carrying out a deadly airstrike on Iranian positions for the third time in ten days more details from ABC's for Donna Miller at least twelve Iranian backed fighters died overnight when unmanned drone unloaded eight missiles on a base in eastern Syria the British based Syrian observatory for human rights says Israel was likely responsible Ron is believed to smuggle advanced weapons and fighters across the Iraqi border to Syria's eastern Deir az Zour region that would make it a target for Jerusalem hours after the strikes prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the corona virus will not diminish Israel's determination to act against Iran's aggression Giordana Miller ABC news Jerusalem.

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