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So yeah i think another jampacked podcast as you suggested i'm really curious about the pgp attack oh it's just the bligh so i can't remember what map termed matthew did a series of tweets and he called it i'm scrolling down here through it he called it editor a masterpiece in bad crypto is it it's an extremely cool attack and kind of a masterpiece in exploiting bad crypto and yeah so yeah a lot i think everyone's going to like get a kick out of it good good we'll before we get there let's talk a little bit about our find sponsors of the show couldn't be a better sponsor less time i was in gainesville at their grand opening for it pro tv's new studios we went to the party and there were a lot of it pro tv customers they're probably a hundred two hundred big dance party to man and a woman every one of them said say how to steve they're they're they're all massive fans of security now and i guess that makes sense if you're not yet aware of it pro tv you probably ought to be it pro tv is the fun and entertaining way for you to either get a job in it or if you've already got a job in it to keep your skills up to polish your skills to learn new skills get a better job that kind of thing it's it training but it's done right and it's very affordable if you were going to go to technical school you'd spent literally tens of thousands of dollars to do something you can do for you know fifty dollars a month at it pro tv or even less i'll tell you could even less let me tell you first of all about it pro tv whether you're a season it professional and just starting out it pro tv's the fund the engaging the easy way to learn almost through as moses because you can watch t pro tv on your computer on your phone ios or android even on your big screen tv they've got roku apps they've got an.

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