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By joining uninet this year's lead sponsor at the center's fall gala on October 28 the fall gala is an opportunity for your company to get involved by being a sponsor learn more at the women's center dot org is nine twenty three lot of taylor swift fans in this area are pretty upset that she didn't include DC in her heiress tour it's not quite the same but you'll soon be able to catch a film of her concert at theaters taylor swift the heiress tour will premiere on october thirteenth AMC will be selling tickets for 1989 plus tax in honor of the re -release of her 1989 album hmm my a lot less than a ticket yes that's true those tickets were more than a movie ticket not quite the same 1995 clint eastwood directed himself in a romance with meryl streep now a musical adaptation of the bridges of madison county hits signature theater in virginia although the show didn't run very long on broadway because of the score and because of the cast it kind of has this almost iconic reputation people are like ah the bridges of madison county mark evans plays the clint eastwood role of traveling photographer robert kincaid while aaron davey plays the meryl streep role of housewife francesca the score is by jason robert brown and i remember seeing the original broadway production 10 years ago and was blown away you thought it was a bridge you thought it was the order the show runs now through september 17th at signature theater sports at 25 and 55 powered by red river technology decisions aren't black and white think red all right what's going on dave preston u .s open tennis men's

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