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Week and the latest debate is whether there should be a ban on Russian oil so far The White House has been leery of such a ban deputy treasury secretary Wally erimo spoke earlier today on Bloomberg surveillance about the need to ensure that Americans have a steady oil supply We're focused on making sure that the energy markets are well supplied today because we want to make sure costs are reduced for American people today And we're depriving president Putin of the resources he needs to fight the war today Over time we need to do more to make sure that the energy market is well supply And we're also focused on that as well Concerns about Russia and Ukraine concerns about gas prices Well here to discuss the mood On Capitol Hill among Democrats in Congress is congresswoman Deborah Ross a Democrat from North Carolina Congresswoman thank you so much for joining us today Yesterday House speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked whether there should be a ban on U.S. imports of Russia crude oil She did not mince words she said I'm all for it ban it Congresswoman Ross is this sentiment shared widely within Democrats on the hill Well first of all I'm thrilled to be with you This is my first time on this show and it's so exciting We're glad I think thank you I think the Democrats on the hill want to make sure that we minimize the impact of the Ukrainian war on our supplies of oil and Democrats want to find different sources of oil for our needs and for our allies needs including in the Middle East And I know that the Biden administration has worked hard on that Of course because the Iran nuclear deal was scuttled being able to access that oil from Iran has gone away But we need to be able to satisfy and deal with our needs and reduce our needs in our policies And so that all those combinations will make sure that we don't have to rely on Russia for oil And congresswoman I do want to just take a minute a red headlines now crossing the terminal Bloomberg is going to temporarily halt the work of its journalists in Russia I know that Bloomberg is certainly not the only news organization to sort of be rethinking its coverage in the region right now But congresswoman I know before you came to Congress you did some work with renewable energy Are you worried that a push to ban Russian oil could lead to more production of non renewables I think that might be a short term consequence but I actually think that this whole situation with oil prices spiking shows the need for us to get more renewable energy that is dependable as soon as possible The key is to be energy independent And the less we rely on fossil fuels the better And I'm proud that the Biden administration is pushing this Democrats in Congress are pushing this Many of the things that Democrats have done over the years to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels are things that are making our current situation better like fuel economy standards like electric vehicles all of these things lead to energy independence and are very good for the country and the rest of the world So congresswoman the way senator Joe Manchin recently put it when he spoke in favor of cutting off Russian oil to the U.S. was that he'd be okay paying something like ten cents a gallon more for gas According to the EIA we get about 3% of our imports of oil from Russia That doesn't sound like a very big number It does seem The White House wants to wants to limit the effect on American gas prices What do you actually think these kinds of limitations would do to American gas prices Would it be noticeable Well I'm not an expert on gas pricing but it is supply and demand And again there are lots of places we can get this supply and we need to reduce our demand by having alternative ways of powering our cars And heating our homes And so the combination of looking for other sources working with our allies and reducing our demand should reduce the price Congresswoman I also want to talk for a minute about the jobs report we got today an increase of 678,000 jobs in February better than what the experts expected This currently seems to show that we're coming a bit out of the pandemic But at the same time we saw the unemployment rate for black women increase I'm just wondering what your takeaway is here and what your thoughts are on what Congress needs to do if anything Well number one what has happened since the Biden administration has taken office in terms of jobs and the economy has been wonderful And the growth has been incredible But that growth does not affect everybody And in particular people who are still struggling during the pandemic with issues like child care and of course the child tax credit which lifted so many children out of poverty has expired We've got to get it back We've got to make it permanent Schools not realistic chance of that happening if I can just cut in for a second here I mean I know that we've talked about the child So it's serious I think that there is a chance of that happening I think it's widely popular it affects working families It again it has lifted children out of poverty It has given families a sense of financial security I heard from people in my district as a matter of fact I gave a floor speech about it For a working mom where she said it made all the difference between being able to pay for child care and being able to pay for school supplies So there are impediments to all women getting back to work but in particular single parents and we need to make sure of course we need them in these jobs because there are so many job openings that what we do is enact family friendly policies that make sure kids are taking care of and make sure parents can get back to work in these jobs that are open So congresswoman aside from the exact details of what would be in this sort of BBB redux Bill I'm curious about the top line because senator Manchin is saying he'd be comfortable with If you get about 1.7 trillion in revenue from tax measures maybe you use half of that to reduce the deficit and the other half for things you like Are you comfortable with a bill that's sort of 50% focused on just cutting the deficit and only half of that revenue goes to whether parts of the CTC or climate or whatever What do you think about that broader idea Well the build back better original plan mostly paid for itself largely paid for itself And so what we need to do is make sure that we do things that stimulate our economy so that we have money and we've seen that in state governments We've seen that even in the federal budget that if our economy is humming then our deficit goes down And so we need to make sure that we have the proper balance I think we need to invest in our people first and foremost We saw historic tax cuts that only went to the richest Americans and contributed to that budget deficit And what we need to do now is invest in our people Well speaking of funding we have the bill that funds the government that needs to be passed by March 11th to avoid a government shutdown And I know something a little bit unique this year compared to the last previous several years is that you have earmarks in there specific amounts of.

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