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And the two spot the ABS on the three spot, but Now the abscess AB two games in hand on Minnesota until tonight's contest is over, and they trailed by just the point the blues are taking on the Golden Knights. The Golden Knights are are dominating this game against Saint Louis, but it's just a one point are so one goal game heading into the third. Vegas is out shooting ST Louis 21 to 7. But the blue score just 40 seconds before the end of the second period. You cut the Vegas lead in half. It's now 21 Golden Knights on top of ST Louis. I can't believe I'm cheering from blues, but this is where we're at. Right now. We need the blues to win this game, and when it in regulation, it would be nice before the ABS and the Golden Knights face off. On Monday there in Vegas finals, the Rangers beat the Bruins 5 to 4 penguins blank the sabers one Nothing. Senators over the Jets fortitude. Islanders Hammer, The Devil's 5 to 1 caps and fliers went to overtime tonight. Washington with the 21 overtime victory, which is surprising because the capital's rested a lot of players today, Panthers hammer the Lightning 5 to 1. For Lord of the Blue Jackets and the Red Wings played.

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