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For NPR News. I'm Damon Mitchell and Nashville The FBI is opening a federal civil rights investigation into the police shooting last week of a black man in North Carolina. NPR's Ryan Lucas has the latest. The FBI says the investigation into Andrew Brown Junior's death is being conducted by the Charlotte Field office in close cooperation with the U. S attorney's office, as well as the Justice Department's civil rights division. Probable seek to determine whether any federal laws were violated. Round was killed last week in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. During an attempted arrest. Brown's family and their attorneys were shown 20 seconds of body camera footage that they say shows sheriff deputies shooting and killing Brown. Stay. Brown was in his car with his hands on the steering wheel when the deputies opened fire and attorney for the family called the killing and execution. Ryan Lucas. NPR NEWS Washington U. S. Consumers were more confident heading into the spring that on profit business research group, The Conference board says its consumer confidence index hit a 14 month high this month, up more than 12 points from March. The survey comes as more Americans are getting vaccinated against Cove in 19. Some people are making vacation plans makes close on Wall Street Today, the Dow is up three points. The NASDAQ fell 48 points the S and P was down a fraction. This is NPR. The cost of buying a house is getting more expensive. The latest S and P Case Shiller Home Price Index shows the biggest jump and more than a decade in February. Here's NPR's Chris Arnold. There's a historic shortage of homes for sale across much of the country, and that's leading to bidding wars in driving up prices. The Case Shiller index shows prices up 12% over just the past year, major Realtor group says Nationally, the median price of a home is now $329,000. In many places, it's much higher than that. So that's good news if you're selling a house, but economists worry that it's not a healthy market because it's making homeownership out of reach For too many people. Home builders and Realtors would like to see zoning changes that make it easier to build more affordable. Higher density has ng, especially in higher priced areas. Chris Arnold, NPR news president find the sign the measure would up the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 an hour. Executive order will result in a pay bump for hundreds of thousands of those employees, including nursing assistants and laborers increased could be dramatic. For those federal contractors Still earning the minimum $10.95.

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